• 10 most destructive tsunamis in the world

    Sometimes nature plays evil jokes and destroys what it once did. One of the most dangerous phenomena is the tsunami. A huge wave resulting from an earthquake, can absorb everything in its path. But some of the tsunami the whole world will remember for a long time, and they can be safely called the most destructive in history.

    Ten most devastating tsunami:

    1. The strongest tsunami in 2006 was formed on the island of Java. The epicenter of the earthquake that triggered the disaster, was in the Indian Ocean. And about 40 km of the coast of the island was completely destroyed. Waves carried on their way telephone lines, buildings, houses. And since the tremors began in the evening, when many tourists swam in the ocean, the number of victims was simply enormous. According to some reports, about 650 people died, and 120,000 were declared missing. About 47 thousand residents of Java lost their homes. And as the new tremors shook the coast for several hours, the search and rescue of the victims became much more complicated.And this tsunami is recognized as the most destructive in the history of the island and the most cruel.
    2. In 1998, a large tsunami hit the shores of Papua New Guinea. It was provoked by the appearance of waves, the height of which in some places reached 15 meters, a powerful earthquake that began on the north-west coast of the country. Moreover, shocks came from the most isolated part of the coastline and led to a huge underwater landslide. There were two shocks in total, but even 1100 kilometers from the epicenter, they were well felt. In remote regions, sea level has increased by five centimeters, and this is a very significant increase. And although the inhabitants of this region are accustomed to natural disasters, yet this tsunami was the most powerful in the history of the country. It destroyed thousands of homes and claimed the lives of about 2,000 people, so it is still remembered about it and is unlikely to ever be forgotten.
    3. In 1960, on May 22, the most powerful earthquake in the whole history of mankind was recorded, the magnitude of which was 9.5 points. And the Pacific Ocean, of course, responded with a series of tsunamis that hit the coastal areas. In some places, the height of the waves reached 25 meters.But not only the Chilean coast suffered from the destructive power of water. Approximately 15 hours after the first tremors, the waves reached the Hawaiian coast. And after seven hours they reached the coast of Japan. In total, about 6 thousand people were killed. Many were left homeless, as the water rushed at a breakneck pace and spared no one and nothing.
    4. In 1952, at about five in the morning, a powerful earthquake occurred in Severo-Kurilsk, according to various sources, its magnitude ranged from 8.3 to 9 points. And it caused a tsunami, consisting of three waves, whose height reached 18 meters. They completely erased a whole city from the face of the earth and killed 2336 people. The reason for this disaster was the strong tremors that occurred in the Pacific Ocean, about 130 kilometers from Kamchatka. And the first wave hit the territory an hour after the earthquake. And many residents noticed it in time and managed to retire to the hill. But then everyone returned to their homes, believing that the worst was over. And it was precisely this that killed everyone, because after a while the second wave came, which destroyed almost all the houses and killed the locals.Then there was the third wave, but it was weak, and the first two had already destroyed everything. Nevertheless, many managed to save and evacuate to Sakhalin. And later the city began to build anew.
    5. Megatsunami occurred in 1958 in the Gulf of Lituya, located in the state of Alaska. Because of him only five people died, but the wave was the highest in the whole history of mankind, because its height was about 500 meters! And the cause of this disaster was an earthquake that occurred 20 kilometers from the bay. After the tremors, which were recognized as the strongest in the history of the state, a huge landslide descended from the mountains into the bay, which provoked the waves. They severely damaged many infrastructure facilities: oil pipelines, docks, bridges, and so on. Later, scientists explored the ice lake, located near the glacier Lituya. It turned out that it dropped more than 30 meters. But still the flow of water from this reservoir could not provoke such powerful tremors. So the causes of the earthquake and tsunami are still unknown.
    6. The top 10 world catastrophes can also include the tsunami that emerged in 2004 in the Indian Ocean. It all began with an earthquake of about 9.3 magnitude on the Richter scale, which was recorded at about 8 am local time.After him, several countries at once (Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and part of India) covered with huge waves that literally destroyed everything in their path. It is sad that this event took place on December 26, that is, after the Catholic Christmas. And so many tourists, who decided to celebrate this event in the resorts, have not returned home. The total number of victims has not yet been calculated, according to some reports, it ranges from 240 to 300 thousand people. The epicenter of the aftershocks was located in the Indian Ocean, and after only 15 minutes after them, waves of up to thirty meters were formed. Coast, they reached after seven hours. And no one expected disaster, and many of them were taken by surprise and ruined.
    7. A powerful tsunami in 2011 hit Japan. On March 11, an earthquake began near the eastern coast of Honshu Island, the magnitude of which was more than 9 points. The tremors provoked a huge tsunami that affected the northern islands of the Japanese archipelago. According to official data, the total number of deaths due to the earthquake and tsunami was about 15,870 people. And 2,846 people are still missing.The epicenter was located about 130 kilometers from the city of Sendai, located on the island of Honshu. And after the main and strongest shock, the so-called aftershock began, which led to more than 400 shocks. And a series of tsunamis spread almost all over the Pacific Ocean, as a result of which in some riparian countries mass evacuation was announced, which saved millions of people.
    8. A serious tsunami was formed in 2010 in Chile. And although five people died directly from the wave itself, the destruction was still catastrophic. And if we consider that not only the ocean, but also the earth shook, then it can be understood that the damage from this natural disaster was simply enormous. About twenty minutes after the first jolt, a wave hit the coast. And although its height was only about 2-3 meters, this did not prevent it from destroying most of the territory, thanks to the tremendous speed. As a result, two million inhabitants were left homeless. After the earthquake, about 800 people died, and 1,200 were missing. The tsunami itself affected 11 cities in Chile, as well as the coastline of several other countries: New Zealand, Australia, Japan and even Russia.
    9. Early in the morning of August 16, 1976, a small Philippine island of Mindanao was struck by a strong earthquake, whose strength was about 8 points. And although it was not the strongest, but still entered the history of the country as the most destructive and tragic. The shocks triggered a tsunami that literally crashed into the coastline and took tourists and locals off guard. As a result, about 5,000 people were killed and another 2,2 thousand were missing. The number of wounded included 9,500 people, and approximately 95,000 lost their homes. Many cities in the Philippines were literally wiped off the face of the earth.
    10. In 1993, an earthquake struck about 80 miles from Hokkaido, which triggered a powerful tsunami. And although the Japanese authorities, having learned from bitter years of experience, reacted very quickly and clearly, announcing the possibility of a tsunami and starting the evacuation, still the island of Okushiri was isolated, so just a few minutes after the first shocks it was covered with huge 30-meter waves. Of the 250 local residents, 197 died.
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