• 10 most expensive things in our world

    Everyone tries to live within their means: afford to insanely expensive and, sometimes, not the most practical purchase, not everyone can. But sometimes you want to commit insanity: for example, to spend your entire salary on shoes that you have long dreamed of!

    Jokes are jokes, but in the world there are many things, the cost of which is estimated in thousands, millions, or even billions of dollars, although their practical application can be the most ordinary - fill the stomach, decorate your appearance or add color to the design of the house ...

    Today we will talk about the most expensive things in the world, such that only the richest of this world can afford. They are chased by sophisticated collectors of the world, some of them - the rarest representatives of their own kind, which greatly stirs interest in them. So, let's, and we will plunge into this extraordinary world of luxury and wealth!

    Merlot vintage salt. This gourmet salt, which is evaporated in the wine of the same name, can be purchased by anyone for $ 18 for 113 g.It differs from the usual unnatural pink color, as well as the delicate aroma that vintage salt inherited from Merlot wine. It is best combined with meat steaks, as well as seafood dishes.

    Want to try something interesting and exotic, and still insanely expensive? Go to enjoy the famous Chinese soup, which according to a special recipe is prepared from the nests of the sea swifts of a special “breed”. Not so long ago, this culinary creation knocked 400 years, and its price has since increased tenfold. Today, a portion of this soup can be tasted for some 10 thousand dollars.

    Hermes Birkin bag. In general, the bags of this famous fashion brand could never be called cheap: the price for a copy can vary from 8 thousand to 100 thousand dollars! Some of them can be purchased only by a representative order, and getting on the waiting list is not a simple matter, and it is not always a success. But there are such items that can only be purchased at auction: one of these, decorated with a clasp of white gold and diamonds, was sold for the sum of 200 thousand dollars!

    Chess "Art of War".An unusual oriental creation from Victor Scharstein’s. The cost of this work is 750 thousand dollars, which is no wonder: the board for the game is made of ebony, and the cells on it are made of rhodium and gold. The gold figures themselves are simply studded with precious stones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

    Camera Susse Freres. This oldest camera, which today is considered the real progenitor of all modern devices, was assembled in France in 1839. The photographs were made using copper plates, which were treated with iodine vapor and a layer of silver. The estimated cost of such a unit is 978 thousand dollars.

    Mobile phone Diamond Rose. A unique product from the famous Apple company was created by order of the owner of the Australian football team T. Sage. The back panel of the iPhone is made of gold, and the famous apple icon is decorated with 53 diamonds. In addition, it was decorated with more than 500 diamonds, and also changed the reset button - here it is made of an extremely rare 7.4-carat pink diamond. In total in the world there are two copies of such jewelry. The cost of beauty - $ 8 million.

    The Duchess of Windsor bracelet in the form of a panther.The estimated cost of the decoration is 12.5 million dollars. Perhaps, many fashionistas of the world would like to take possession of a bracelet that once belonged to an unusual woman. For the sake of marriage with her, King Edward 8 abdicated the throne, here it is, the power of love!

    Women's Watch Chopard. At the moment, they are the most expensive in the world and are estimated at 25 million dollars! The dial is literally littered with a huge number of gems, among which three are clearly distinguished - blue, white and red in the shape of a heart. Probably difficult to find a woman who would refuse such a work of art!

    Car Ferrari 250 GTO. How can ranking expensive and rare things do without a car? This sports car of 1962 was sold to the collector Craig McCaw. The estimated cost of such a model is $ 35 million.

    The painting “When will you marry?”, By P. Gauguin. And you thought for what material values ​​billionaires of the world are ready to give fabulous sums? Well, of course, for the pictures! Our top 10 closes the most expensive of them, which was sold at private auctions for $ 300 million.

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