• 10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    In the velvet season, at times the weather does not follow any laws of logic: during the day it can be so warm that you will regret not wearing a dress with a long sleeves, and at night so cold that you want to get out of the closet not only pantyhose, but a warm coat. In fact, outside the window on such days, no winter, no summer, not even the classic autumn, which we used to meet in a coat without a lining over a sweater and waterproof boots, but something that unites them. Therefore, the closer September is, the more urgent the question becomes, what is to get out of the house, which, on the one hand, confuses, and on the other, makes it look for new and interesting solutions. In this material we have collected things that seem to be created specifically for the intermediate period between the hot summer and the cold autumn.

    Metallic leather boots

    In this pair, the appearance of a concert shoe of some fashionable music band, and the skin shines as if you can look like a mirror in it. When to wear such fabulous shoes, if not in the velvet season, when the streets are still clean and dry,and it's time to open shoes has come to an end.

    10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    Street style;boots from metallic leather Stradivarius (2 999 rub.)

    Leather jacket

    An elegant thing with no pretensions of soft-to-touch leather and without any associations with biker outerwear, like in 90% of leather jackets that you will find in an assortment of democratic brands. In the velvet season, this thing can be walked with the most delicate silk dresses, and with more autumn looks, for example, a basic sweater, a pleated midi skirt made of thick fabric and high boots.

    10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    Street style;Rick Owens Leather Jacket (£ 499)

    Knitted dress

    The cuts and cuts are still a summer privilege, and the macaroni knitwear and the high throat are rather an autumn one. In this outfit, two seasons are combined in one thing, and not without the help of one interesting trick - the dress can be worn in two ways, leaving a round cut either in front or on the back.

    10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    Street style;Knitted Topshop Dress (£ 20)

    Suede shoes

    An excellent pair for those days of the velvet season, when everything is not too clear with the weather, but I definitely do not want to freeze my feet. By the way, the “warming level” and the seasonality of this pair can be adjusted with the help of tights: in combination with tight tights these shoes will look like boots, and with matte and transparent - almost like summer shoes.

    10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    Street style;suede shoes H & M (6 999 rub.)

    Cotton trousers

    These trousers have an unusually noble shade of ice cream creme brulee for sportswear, as well as a host of options for combining with clothing that has nothing to do with sports at all. For example, with short-sleeved sweaters and moccasins, which are simply created for the capricious weather of the velvet season.

    10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    Street style;Bershka cotton trousers (1 999 rub.)

    Military style jumpsuit

    Designers, it seems, have become boring of classic denim overalls, so this season there are so many reincarnations of this thing in a military style - both in “summer” models with shorts and short sleeves, and in “winter” and closed ones. We chose something in the middle just for the velvet season, because as a top a short top with a bare belly and a thin but warm turtleneck sweater will also fit this thing.

    10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    Street style;


    A playful accessory for those who want to put something on their heads with the first cool breeze, as well as for those whom Gucci brand collections are inspired to experiment with. In the velvet season for this beret, they ask for a little carnival and infantile things - for example, a blouse with frills or even a frill, a leather miniskirt and boots with socks.

    10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    Street style;takes Asos (1 100 rub.)

    Shawl with print

    The one as from school pores, if she came in the 90s. Then this accessory was all worn as a kerchief, and today they are tied around like a collar around the neck, including in combination with ornaments on the neck. In winter, we will switch to warm and wide scarves of cashmere or wool, and for small scarves and scarves the velvet season is just the right time.

    10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    Street style;Mango print scarf (899 rub.)

    Shirt with bows

    A truly Friday piece of clothing at the expense of his cunning cut on the back: in the afternoon this shirt can be safely worn in the office with a jacket or suit, and in the evening to get rid of the top that hides the open back and walk this top at dinner or at a party.

    10 most necessary things for a velvet season

    Street style;shirt with bows Zara (3 599 rubles)

    Pink Bomber Jacket

    We have already written about the fact that plush costumes from zero are back in fashion, but we have not yet had enough courage to put this idea into practice. But based on the most odious costume, like Paris Hilton, we found a thing quite suitable for the velvet season - a bomber jacket in “piggy” pink velvet in a pair of torn jeans and white sneakers, whose season ends at the same time as the last autumn warming.

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