• 10 of the most popular lip gloss

    Glitters make lips more sexy and appetizing, so many use them. But what tools really help to increase the volume?

    Is brilliance really helping to increase volume?

    Is this true or just a trick of manufacturers? Yes, some brilliance does increase the volume. And this effect is achieved due to the influence exerted in several directions at once. These are the directions:

    • Visual increase. The composition of some gloss includes tiny particles that reflect the light and shimmer, making the lips more attractive and voluminous.
    • The composition of some funds include substances that accelerate blood circulation and improve blood circulation due to local irritant effects. Such an impact can have such components as pepper extract, menthol, as well as essential oils.
    • Some lip gloss contain collagen, and it fills all the bumps, and also penetrates the skin, improves its elasticity and makes the lips more voluminous.
    • Some manufacturers add peptides to the products, which attract moisture and retain it in the upper layers of the skin. And this, of course, helps to increase.
    • Most glosses contain silicone. It does not penetrate the skin, but settles on its surface in an even layer and enlarges the lips. But such a component can provoke a feeling of weighting.


    So, the top 10 gloss to increase the volume of the lips:

    1. "Dior Addict Lip Maximizer"- stunning brilliance, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by numerous reviews. Manufacturers promise instant volume, which is provided by the hyaluronic acid based fillers and active collagen, which almost immediately penetrate the skin. This tool can be used both independently and in conjunction with lipstick. And for a persistent effect, it is recommended to apply shine in the evening before going to bed and in the morning before applying makeup for two weeks. The applicator is soft, which makes use as comfortable and convenient as possible. The cost of this brilliance is about 1600-1700 rubles.
    2. "Full Potential Lips Plump and Shine" by Clinique. The effect of lip augmentation is achieved through components that accelerate blood circulation.And such an impact is very noticeable, since after application a slight tingling can be felt, which usually passes quickly. The volume, according to manufacturers, increases instantly and persists for the next 6 hours. According to women who used this tool, the volume does increase. Many note the lack of stickiness and light texture, as well as a pleasant aroma. The cost of shine is about 800 rubles.
    3. “Glam Shine” from “L’oreal Paris”. This shine literally shimmers on the surface of the lips due to the multitude of small reflective particles that make up the composition. In addition, the shine also contains natural oils that nourish the skin and trigger important processes (for example, the production of elastin and collagen), moisturize and help retain moisture. The applicator is made in the shape of a heart, and it is this form that makes applying the composition as comfortable and effective as possible. Shades are very different: from gentle and romantic to bright and appetizing. The cost is about 400 rubles.
    4. Glitter with volume effect “Lumene Wild Rose”provides both visual, and quite tangible and real effects of increase in volume.First, the composition includes hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for nutrition, moisturizing and elasticity of tissues. Secondly, the glitter contains billions of fine sparkling particles, which, falling on the lips, create the effect of 3D. In addition, it contains arctic dogrose seed oil. And the applicator has an additional recess, which allows the composition to be applied in one motion. The cost is about 450-500 rubles.
    5. Natura Siberica. Many appreciate it for its composition, which includes only natural ingredients. These include ginseng extract, castor oil, rhodiola and apricot extracts, as well as vegetable tocopherol. The shades are gentle, the fragrance is light with floral notes, the applicator is comfortable, the texture is light. Lips noticeably moisturized, softened. The volume really increases. But some believe that the gloss is not sufficiently resistant. The cost of the money is about 800 rubles.
    6. Glitter "Plushglass" from "M.A.C". This product contains vanilla extract, which provides a flush of blood to the lips and, as a result, an increase in volume. In addition, it contains vitamin E, and it is responsible for hydration and nutrition,and also helps to protect the sponge from the negative effects of environmental factors. Among the pros, many people note an easy texture, lack of heaviness and stickiness, stamina. After application, a tingling or slight burning sensation may occur. The cost is about 1200-1400 rubles.
    7. Express volume "Oriflame". Many have managed to appreciate this brilliance. It consists of extracts of red pepper and ginger, which significantly improve blood circulation and increase volume. In addition, lips are filled with moisture and intensively moisturized, which is also undoubtedly a plus. And the innovative collagen gel increases volume instantly and immediately after application. Shades are different: and gentle, and romantic, and playful, and fresh, and deep, and sensual. The price is about 400 rubles. Almost all the reviews are positive.
    8. Cream color lip gloss "Color Sensational Gloss" from "Maybelline"- it's 8 amazing and incredibly sensual shades. Shimmering particles provide amazing overflows. Saturated pigments make the color saturated, durable, bright and intense. And honey nectar provides good nutrition and gently moisturizes lips.The price is only 400 rubles, and many consider it affordable and pleasant. The effect is noticeable immediately after application and persists for a long time.
    9. «Champs Elysees Vivienne Sabo»- This is one of the most affordable and effective gloss. A unique formula, which includes nourishing and moisturizing oils, vitamins, and the Volulip complex, which provides the maximum volume, make the lips beautiful and mouth-watering. Flickering particles reflect the light and create a stunning glow. The cost of the gloss is about 170-200 rubles. And reviews confirm that the effect is really amazing.
    10. "Sally Hansen Lip Inflation". The texture of the gloss is pleasant and light, the composition does not roll on the surface of the lips. The composition includes extracts of cinnamon and ginger, which provide a rush of blood and an increase in volume. The cost is about 250 rubles, and almost all the reviews are positive. Many note the durability and ease of application.

    It was the best shine to increase the volume of the lips.

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