• 10 stars, which over the years only become more beautiful

    It is hard to believe that 20 years ago they were not very beautiful and looked like ordinary girls, and not celebrities.

    Many believe that young girls are always beautiful, and with age it all goes away. Beloved by all, Coco Chanel always said: “Your face at the age of twenty is given to you by nature; how it will be at fifty depends on you. " And this is the purest truth. However, some women in their 40 and even 50 years look much better than at 20. We know 10 celebrities who in their youth didn’t look as beautiful and attractive as they are now.

    The most impressive example of transformation is Jennifer Lopez. The well-known singer and dancer in her youth looked like a young old woman. Perhaps the reason for this was the fashion for brown lipstick or the hairstyle of a star (then she walked with curly hair on the shoulder). Now, at 48, she looks more beautiful than before. Many are discussing that the star decided on some plastic surgery to improve their appearance. For example, she clearly did rhinoplasty, because her nose was thinner than it was before.Although the singer herself never admitted it.

    Actress Nicole Kidman has always been pretty, but has become a real beauty only over the years. Perhaps it’s all a matter of the hair color that the star used to have: Nicole was light brown with a touch of red. But when the actress began to paint herself in a blonde, she immediately became bright and spectacular. In addition, after some cosmetological interventions, Kidman cheekbones became more sharp and expressive.

    44-year-old Victoria Beckham was not always so beautiful and elegant. In her youth, she very often experimented with hair extensions, did a very bright make-up, which did not suit her at all. In addition, Beckham had problem skin. However, in 2007, Vicki decided to take the right path and completely changed her lifestyle, and with it her beauty habits: she began to eat right and put a minimum of makeup on her face, which had a positive effect on her whole image.

    Among the stars that have become over the years look just better, Megan Fox, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Nicole Richie, Kate Beckinsale and Winona Ryder. You can see their transformation in the gallery.

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