• 20 great wedding hairstyle ideas for the summer

    We know that you can’t think what wedding hairstyle to choose! The editors of Woman's Day are inspired by beautiful summer images with which you will be comfortable.

    Wedding hairstyle is a serious and inexhaustible part of a festive look. And of course, no matter how beautiful the classic Hollywood curls look, decorated with a wreath of flowers or a Malvinka pigtail, this hairstyle is impractical in summer. In the heat, curls risk turning into tows.

    But do not be upset before the time - did you see how many beautiful images you can create with the collected hair?

    summer wedding hairstyle
    Photo: @thebridalhairco

    Passed the fashion for ikebana, studded with stones and pearls on his head; The last few years in the wedding fashion reigns harmony and lightness.

    No more slick beams - the more strands come out of your hair, the more natural and romantic it will look. No matter how easy the image may seem, in no case trust your hair to your mother, sister, girlfriend or yourself, unless you have a certificate of completion of the school of stylists.

    A professional will give advice and fulfill any fantasy, make your hair not only beautiful, but also durable!

    Also do not forget: if the hairstyle is decorated with flowers, inform the florist about this in advance so that they make hairpins or wreaths, having prepared them for a long day, otherwise in the heat any flower will wither in less than an hour.

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