• 5 beauty bugs that age Volochkov

    Having changed these details of the image, Anastasia will look more stylish and will throw off for ten years.

    Anastasia Volochkova is known for her love for retro images: sleek styling, pretentious clothes, etc. However, today all that glamor, of which the ballet dancer is an adherent, is absolutely not in honor, and the passionate desire to remain within the framework of the usual image is becoming more and more dangerous to her fashionable reputation. However, if the old-fashioned dressing room preferences threaten Anastasia only with the glory of a naphthalene-style star, then the constancy in the beauty habits that a ballerina also differs in results in far more serious consequences: not revised approaches to personal tuning will age the star before time. To prevent this from happening, she now needs to understand: what was fashionable in the early 2000s is completely irrelevant now. What kind of mistakes Anastasia makes (and, perhaps, you), we learned from the experts of the beauty industry: a stylist, a hairdresser and a nail master.

    Anastasia Volochkova
    Photo: @volochkova_art

    1. Blonde shade

    Alla Vorobyeva, hair stylist:“Nobody says that you need to dye your hair in the fashionable color of the season. It is nonsense. We always select the hue in accordance with its color type, but certain tendencies by which time is noted should be observed. Anastasia's hair color is a blonde of onset of zero, which makes hair flat and inanimate. Today, the blond may be cold and warm, but he must be alive - glare, play, sparkle. Staying in the usual shade, the dancer seems to admit that her heart is still sweet in 1998, when she was young and beautiful. And you need her to be young and beautiful at the moment. "

    Hair color must be alive - with modulations and highlights
    Photo: Getty Images

    2. Profiled hair ends

    Alla Vorobyeva, hair stylist:“Today, profiled curls and cascade-type haircuts that fashionable women dreamed of 15 years ago are completely irrelevant. Probably, Anastasia is still nostalgic for that time. Perhaps, by the way, it seems to her that the “lightweight” ends will help to create volume at the roots and make the hair richer. It is a myth. The shaped strands become thin, and the hair looks even more fluid.If I were a stylist Volochkova, I would remove the length of the hair and make a straight cut, which is relevant today. "

    Today, a direct cut hair
    Photo: Getty Images

    3. Difference of roots and eyebrows

    Alla Vorobyeva, hair stylist:“Today we dye our hair to make it more alive. Paradoxically, but true. For the same purpose - to give the hair naturalness - we leave the roots as if grown up. It also allows you to harmonize the image as a whole, since you can leave your eyebrows in a natural shade and not lighten them the color of the roots. At Anastasia, we see dark eyebrows and absolutely bleached roots. ”

    4. Mother of Pearl Shadows

    Tamara Loseva, makeup artist:“Anastasia is a glamorous diva accustomed to the light of spotlights. The main mistake of such women is that they bring the luxury intended for the stage into life. However, you need to understand that in terms of makeup, there is a clear gradation of products for those that work well in the light of spotlights, and those that are intended for everyday life. For example, the pearl shadows used by the ballerina are not perfect for the day. Ten years ago, we could make up that way, but today - no.Glitter - for the evening, for the day - matte textures. In addition, it must be remembered that mother-of-pearl shadows emphasize fine wrinkles on the eyelids and age. ”

    For the day, choose opaque shadow
    Photo: Getty Images

    5. Form of nails

    Inga Khudaberina, nail master:“A year ago I would say that Anastasia is getting old too long nails, since at that time they were completely irrelevant. Today, nails-stilettos are at the height of fashion, so I cannot blame the ballerina for the length of the manicure. However, there is still a flaw. The shape of the nails of Anastasia sends us to the stylist of the year 2000, when it was wildly popular building, french and rich decor. The most fashionable form then was a square with rounded ends. To make the manicure look more modern, I would advise you to keep the length, but make the shape oval. ”

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