• 5 cool and very cheap countries for spring break

    Where you can go in March and April, having packed 50,000 rubles for two, experts of the online service for searching and booking tours Travelata.ru told.

    Winter does not seem to be going away. At the same time, I have long wanted to have a rest - if not for a week, but at least five days. But a lot of money to spend on spring vacation is a pity. However, you can relax and inexpensive - with flights and accommodation. The main thing is to choose the right direction and tour.

    Russia: cheaper does not happen

    Sochi, Russia
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    Tours are cheaper than the Russian resorts, it is impossible to find. However, they have a big minus - in the spring, despite the early heat, swimming in the Black Sea is still very, very cold, the water is not even warmed up to +10 degrees. But for18 thousand rublesit is possible for two to spend 8 nights on the seashore in a 3 * hotel in Sochi - with a flight, but without meals. And what to do at this time? Occupations are complete: the weather is warm, as in Moscow in mid-May, there are few tourists, there are no queues and crowds anywhere. And while the central bars and nightclubs work, so you can have fun from the heart.You can also go to a private water park in the village of Loo and arrange yourself a real summer. For a change in one of the days, you should dress warmly and go to the “Swallow” in the mountains, in Krasnaya Polyana, where skiers ride and more bars and restaurants work than on the coast. If you do not have ski equipment with you, you can rent it on site. Well, if you do not like skis, take skates and ride them, admiring the mountain scenery.

    By the way, avid skiers will be pleasantly surprised by their prices on tours to the neighboring Dombay. For example, there you can ride a week together for only19 thousand rublesHowever, the infrastructure will not be as luxurious as in Olympic Sochi, but there are much more “black” tracks.

    However, for50 thousand rublesYou can arrange a holiday in Russia on the highest level: for example, for 6 nights you literally fly to paradise - a 5 * hotel in Sochi with a jacuzzi, saunas, spa complexes and other delights of luxurious life, but without breakfasts. For food will have a little extra.

    Turkey: cheap luxury

    Antalya, Turkey
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    Planning a comfortable rest, you should pay attention to Turkey. The fact is that tours with flights and accommodation in Turkish hotels of level 5 * turn out to be more profitable than in similar Russian “fives”. Behind35 thousand rublesfor two you can fly away for a week in a 5 * hotel with an all-inclusive power system. That is, it will not be necessary to spend money on anything, except perhaps for excursions and gifts. And here the question arises: what to do? In March in Turkey, by our standards, it is almost summer, but the sea is still not warm enough - about 17 degrees, so only desperate walruses will be able to swim. In this case, the most commonplace option of leisure is not to get out of the hotel’s heated swimming pool, tasting all kinds of cocktails and drinks included in the tour price. Such a pastime can get bored very soon, so it is worth going on one or two excursions, for example, to see the mysterious caves of Cappadocia or go on a jeep safari through the surroundings. In the evenings, you can explore the local discos and clubs, if, of course, the hotel is not located on the outskirts of civilization.

    By the way, unpretentious tourists in the spring to Turkey can fly very cheap - just for25 thousand rublesfor two for a week in a 3 * hotel, but instead of the “all inclusive” system you will have to be content with breakfast.

    Cyprus: around the island in a cabriolet

    Ayia Napa, Cyprus
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    Sunbathing on a sun lounger by the pool can be in Cyprus.It’s still too early to swim in the sea, as in Turkey, unless, of course, the temperature is 17 degrees. The cost of the tour in spring with flight, accommodation and breakfast for two will cost29 thousand rubles.

    At the same time for50 thousand rublesit is possible to fly for 6 nights together to a 5 * hotel, but also with breakfast. But you don’t have to come up with entertainment: there will be an indoor pool, and adult animators, who in the morning will offer to do yoga, but closer to noon they will learn to play petanque, and in the evening hotel guests will gather on the veranda to drink cocktails and get to know each other .

    Going to Cyprus, you should choose Ayia Napa as a resort. This place is famous for its bars and discos. In the offseason, usually the island’s nightlife stops, but not here. Most of the establishments, of course, will be closed, but in some places it will be possible for you to dance at the bar or take part in a wet t-shirt competition. Spring in Cyprus is the perfect time to ride around the island in a rented car. Local rental companies give cars under normal Russian rights.The main thing - take a picture of all the scratches at once, so that later you will not have any complaints. And keep in mind that driving in Cyprus is left-sided, but experienced drivers get used quickly. You can get special pleasure from a convertible when, with an open top, enjoying the breeze, you will pass by the picturesque beach of Petru-to-Romiou, where, according to legend, the goddess Aphrodite came out of foam, go to Palepaphos to admire the ruins of her temple, and get up to tropical vegetation covered bathing goddess with a source of fresh water. Such a romantic journey will be impossible to forget.

    Arab Emirates: a full summer

    Dubai, UAE
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    Truly hot spring in the United Arab Emirates. It is worth to go here to anyone who wants a real bronze tan at an air temperature of +33 and a full swim in the sea, warmed to 23 degrees. True, it is worth making a reservation - a tour for50 thousand rublesfor two you can find, but very difficult. Most likely, it will be a 3 * or 4 * hotel with breakfast. Moreover, it may be several kilometers to the coast. Anything closer is much more expensive. Going to the UAE, it is worth considering that in this country everything is expensive.Therefore, you should not buy here a tour for the last money. Otherwise, your meals will be limited only to breakfast, and besides the hotel pool you can hardly see anything, and you will have to forget about cocktails right away.

    However, if you still have additional funds for rest, then you can get a lot of impressions in the Emirates. Starting from the ascent to the tallest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa skyscraper - to extreme desert jeep tours. The most important thing that will attract any girl is local bazaars and mega-malls. They are in the oriental manner stuffed with so many gold jewelery, that after a few minutes it begins to ruffle in the eyes. By the way, gold prices are not so high compared to anything else, so it’s worth taking the time to find a chain, pendant or earrings, and best of all a ring that will delight you with pleasant memories for a long time.

    Czech Republic: early spring

    Prague, Czech Republic
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    In spring, many tourists choose the Czech Republic, or rather medieval Prague, as a destination for a weekly trip. Since this city is not a beach resort, you can fly here regardless of the season.Spring begins here earlier than in Russia, and therefore, if you fly here in March, you can catch the weather, which we have in early May, and this is the best time to stroll through the narrow medieval streets. The main center of attraction for tourists is Prague Castle. From it the main path lies along the Charles Bridge to Vysehrad. It is here that tourists are usually photographed against the background of postcard views to post pictures on Instagram. A rare tourist leaves Prague without souvenirs. The girls here are usually looking after jewelry with a pomegranate, however, you need to buy them in certain places, where you will be given a special certificate, otherwise you can run into a Chinese fake. You can also take a chance and buy beautiful dishes or trinkets of Bohemian glass. They are easily damaged during transportation in baggage, so you have to carefully pack.

    Together you can fly to the Czech Republic for a week in March for35 thousand rubleswith accommodation in hotel 3 * and breakfasts. However, only owners of a Schengen visa will be able to meet this price. Those who need to do it will have to add about 10 thousand rubles more - about as much tour operators charge for the paperwork.

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