• 5 types of men on the Internet who need to otshit

    Online dating usually takes place under the same scenario. You looked at each other's pictures, decided: “He / she is nothing,” greeted each other, and then you tell about yourself, he tells about himself. No one in their right mind would talk badly about themselves. And behind all these “I am good, rich, I want a family, just so far I have not been lucky” is quite difficult to see the truth. Here are 5 types of men living in the world wide web, from which it is worth staying away.

    Normal guy

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    He writes about himself:“I'm an ordinary guy. Accidentally appeared on this site. I do not believe that you can find someone normal here, but I will still write to you. I want to find a real person, a normal relationship. It seems to me that you are exactly like this - the real one. ”

    Actually:“I am mediocrity, I have nothing to tell about myself and nothing to stand out from the gray mass. I am not handsome and not a millionaire, I have not achieved anything remarkable in my life since I graduated from school with only three fours (my mother praised me).If you do not answer me, it means that you are just as self-serving as an ambassador like everyone else. You have yet to prove to me that you are not like everyone else. If you do not like me, it means that you have no taste, eyes, and in general you are a fool. I am your last chance, because I am the only normal one on this entire Internet. Appreciate me. ”

    Attentive dummy

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    He writes about himself:“I read your profile and found that we have a lot in common. You also like traveling, the sun and Malevich. I also read that you are now learning to play the guitar, my brother plays the guitar. I also see that you have photos in Rome, I was also in Rome. Even in your questionnaire it is indicated that you are now reading Marquez, I also read Marquez. ”

    Actually:“I have absolutely nothing to tell about myself, because I am a sad schmuck. Therefore, I will carefully read your questionnaire in order to extract some information from there that can be used to conduct a dialogue. After all, there are absolutely no topics for discussion in my head, because nothing happens in my life. ”

    Secured / well earned

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    He writes about himself:“I am 39, I have achieved everything in life, and it remains only to find love.I have a Porsche, I have breakfast only at Pushkin, I have dinner at Mario and have dinner at the Bolshoi. You are not like everyone else, so I wrote to you. We are waiting for the Maldives and Seychelles. I am no longer young, but I have seen life, I know what I want and what I deserve. ”

    Actually:“I sent a message to all the girls from 18 to 25 in the hope that at least someone would bite at my bait. After all, I am over 45, and I must have time to ignite, until I finally become bald. I have already been married twice and I pay child support every month. All that was left to me after the divorces was a one-room cottage with a low ceiling on the outskirts of the city. I will call her my “Moscow bachelor’s temporary shelter,” but, looking the truth, I don’t have anything else and I’m not expected. I googled this list of restaurants for “the most expensive restaurant in Moscow”. I expect to pay the loan for Porsche in full by 2020. "

    Unrecognized genius

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    He writes about himself:“I am a sensitive person. I dream of reading my beloved girlfriend’s poetry at sunset (writing her portraits, singing songs dedicated to her). I love romantic trips to nature and unity with her. I want to find my muse, my princess, the meaning of my life, my second self, so that we merge into a single stream of energy and consciousness, like yin and yang.I am a genius, but no one understands this, because geniuses always remain unrecognized during their lifetime. Do you agree to be my Gala? ”

    Actually:“I need a mommy. I am poor, like a church mouse, but when I die, you will understand everything. No one wants to read my poems except my mom. I read philosophical treatises, watch art-house cinema and go to modern art exhibitions. All this is terribly boring, and I do not understand anything about it, but this is my only chance to differ from the gray mass in some way. If you do not answer me, I will go and hang myself or write another ingenious opus about the injustice of fate. ”

    Highly spiritual type

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    He writes about himself:“I carefully read your profile several times. And he was very surprised by the presence on the site of a person with such a deep understanding of the world and himself. Most likely, you are Neptune in Libra, so that's how you approach me. It seems to me that everything in life is not easy, and our life lines crossed on this site is also not casual, and then they should go in parallel. We are simply created to merge our energy flows in ecstasy. ”

    Actually:“As a person with high spiritual values, I do not care about material values. Let it be your task. And while I sit meditate.Do not forget to cook dinner and invite your girlfriend to us on a threesome, because you said you were thinking widely. When you do not have money and strength, I will leave my own way, because there is a time to throw stones (or collect).

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