• 8 pairs of shoes on which everyone will turn around

    Irina Shchapova

    Irina Shchapova,
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    The dominance of athletic shoes on the podium over the past few seasons is already beginning to slowly but surely create boredom. Do you remember how Prada used to release shoes on wedges with tongues of flame, at the Dsquared2 show they defiled beauties in ankle boots with pistols instead of stilettos, and Marc Jacobs turned the standard heel upside down? Instead of works of art on the legs of the models now alone grandfather sneakers.

    However, there are pleasant exceptions: the most promising now French fashion brand Jacquemus set the fashion for unusual heels on ... the most ordinary, at first glance, shoes. Since everyone so fond of simple forms of sandals on thin straps and shoes with a sharp nose, the brand designer Simon Jakmyu left everything as it is, adding to the stable form a nontrivial support in the form of a fancy heel. “I want fashion to become less commercial and more poetic,” the designer shared his long-playing intentions.And we, in turn, want to see impressive shoes back in fashion - the one that will persistently ask for a compliment, as well as a separate #shoefie, it’s also a selfie with a focus on feet on instagram.

    Publication from SIMON PORTE JACQUEMUS (@jacquemus)Apr 15, 2018 at 9:01 am PDT

    Muly with heels in the form of pyramids

    Topshop did not bother and copied the idea of ​​Jacquemus with a combined heel of geometric shapes, persistently repeating even the color range of shoes from this brand. Is it worth to overpay for the expensive original?

    Muly Topshop with pyramid-shaped heels

    Mühli Topshop Pyramid Heels (£ 69)

    Shoes with heels in the form of elephants

    What we did not have time to see in the place of ordinary heels, but we see elephants for the first time. Very eccentric, but believe me, this unusual pair, even despite the cost, is unlikely to “live” to discounts.

    Dorateymur shoes with elephant heels

    Dorateymur shoes with heels in the form of elephants (27 239 rub.)

    Sandals with an asymmetrical heel

    The new name in the shoe world - the brand Rejina Pyo - focused on combining the shoe classics and modern art. Although if it were not for the fancy heel in the form of a melted gold bar, then this pair would certainly be no different from the others.

    Rejina Pyo Sandals With Asymmetrical Heel

    Rejina Pyo Sandals With Asymmetrical Heel (34 417 Rub.)

    Mules with heels in the form of balls

    We certainly don’t have a pair for each day, but how great it combines the incongruous: textured reptile skin in black and perfect heel geometry in white. It seems that the year is not 2018, but 2118!

    Muly Solace London with heels in the form of balls

    Muly Solace London with Ball Heels (£ 409)

    Sandals with an asymmetrical heel

    Another confirmation that decent design solutions are born from democratic brands: everything is beautiful in this pair, starting from graphic design with diagonal stripes and ending with the optimal heel height. The only negative: they are made of textiles, which means that they will feel the best in the room.

    Zara Sandals With Asymmetrical Heel

    Zara sandals with asymmetrical heel (2 999 rubles)

    Spherical Heel Ankle Boots

    Italian fashion house Marni loves geometric detail in jewelry and accessories. In front these classic black ankle boots do not even impersonate themselves, but at the sight of the architectural stud the original idea immediately manifests itself in all its glory.

    Marni Spherical Heel Booties

    Marni booties with a spherical heel (31,000 rubles)

    Mules with heel-glass

    These mules in Elsa Schiaparelli's favorite color reminded us of home slippers from Hollywood melodramas of the 50s.By the way, no one bothers to put such on the street with satin kimono and ordinary jeans in August - an image that is relevant for enjoying life on the weekend.

    Muly H & M with a heel-glass

    Muly H & M with a heel-glass (2 499 rubles).

    Sandals with clear heels

    Not only the form, but also the material does its job: due to the use of transparent plastic, these sandals seem literally invisible. But on the other hand, not less than 10 centimeters are also added in growth.

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