• A luxurious cardigan made of braided braids: a scheme and description of knitting

    • Irina

      The same description is everywhere. And nobody wondered how the collar turned out, if the shelves and rear braids were simply sewn?

    • Hope

      True cool. Also found nothing more meaningful. Considered how the collar was formed. The shelf is made of two braids sewn together, so the braid nearest to the center of the shelf is longer and this braid comes backwards and joins in the center with the opposite oblique forehand. Those. the right and left front braids are joined in the center of the back. In general, I do not like such descriptions

    • Elena

      It’s not very clear “weave each other 3-get 2” is it like ???

    • Who wrote the description, tear off his hands !!! First of all there is not 98 cm far connected !!! Can 1m 98 cm to get this length with a weave in the braid !!! Secondly, it is not written how to form this braid, the photo shows that the strips are joined at the bottom in a certain way,And in the description of the assembly of the product in general, not a word !!! And in the third how to form a collar there you can even see that the extreme spit of the shelf is longer !!! In general, the cardigan is beautiful, but the description is on the TWO !!!

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