• Patchwork dog

    The most fabulous holiday is approaching - the New Year. And what you need to meet him as brightly as possible? Of course, bright little things, accessories and souvenirs. Handmade, they give a feeling of warmth and charge with positive energy. We offer to sew a pillow out of multicolored patches. But not simple, but stylized as a symbol of the upcoming 2018 - a dog.
    A dog using a quilting technique
    You will need the following materials and tools to work:
    • thick cloths of different colors;
    • thread;
    • scissors;
    • square or ruler for cutting;
    • pillow filler.
    The first step in creating a product is cutting. Cut out 82 squares of equal size from the prepared patches. The larger the side of each square used, the larger the cushion will be. For example, if the side of the square is 10 cm, then the finished product will have a size of about 50 cm.in height and 60 cm wide.
    The dog using the quilting technique
    After cutting, place the squares on the table in a pattern to match the colors. You can chop the resulting layout with pins for convenience. And you can just take a picture and orient yourself in the future work on the photo.
    The dog using the patchwork technique
    After that, start sewing the squares one by one, methodically collecting this original puzzle pillow in the shape of a dog.
    The dog in the patchwork technique
    The dog in the patchwork technique
    Patchwork dog
    Leave two or three squares unstitched at the bottom of the pillow, turn the product face out and place the filling inside. If the side of the square is 10 cm, then you will need about 300-400 grams per pillow

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