• Airplane by own hands on February 23

    A thematic homemade souvenir or toy for Defender of the Fatherland Day is the best gift for the most courageous, brave and brave family members.

    The various models of military equipment made by children look particularly impressive, combat vehicles, aircraft.

    But the odd job does not have to be serious and complex. For example, a beautiful and fun plane made of paper with their hands on February 23 will be able to make any kid, if you use a simple template for this. Such an odd job is good for February 23 in kindergarten, as an option for presenting boys to girls.

     The plane with his hands on February 23

    The plane with his hands on February 23

    All that is required for work is cardboard with a corrugated layer (it can be replaced with foam board), glue, scissors, a clerical knife, pencil, paper, paints and a brush. If foam board is used, no paint is needed.

    We make a pattern on paper: we fold it in half, draw half of the main part of the aircraft - its body.We cut, unfold, translate into cardboard.

    In the same way, we prepare two cardboard front wings, two - rear, tail and a pair of wheels.

    Cutting cardboard blanks

    Cutting cardboard blanks

    Then the cardboard body is slightly bent, we outline and cut a rectangular opening in its upper part, which will become the pilot's cabin.

    We cut and slightly wrinkle the cardboard roll of toilet paper

    Cut out and slightly wrinkle the cardboard roll of toilet paper

    Unroll, make with a clerical knife two notches for the front wings, two for the rear wings and one for the tail. I will forgive you to do this with the help of a ruler, having noticed beforehand how long and wide we will need the cutouts.

     Cut from cardboard according to the pattern

    Cut from the cardboard according to the pattern

    Again, bend the body and insert the wings and tail into the desired holes. If not calculated a little - prune.The parts must hold tight, do not pop them out of the slots.

    Glue the wheels. It is better to use polymer glue, it fixes more securely than PVA or ordinary clerical.

    We connect the center of each wheel with a thick thread or wire so that the plane holds tightly.

    We put the wings into the holes and tail, glue the wheels

    Insert the wings and tail into the holes, glue the wheels

    Paint the plane as much as you like. Do not forget about the inside, which is also clearly visible. You can paint the details before collecting the model, but then you will need to work carefully so as not to smudge the paint.



     Funny do-it-yourself plane on February 23 7

    Do-it-yourself plane on February 23 7

    Do-it-yourself plane on February 23 8At plane do it yourself on February 23 8po Delki on February 23 with your own hands

    Cheerful airplane with own hands on February 23 8

    A fun plane with your own hands on February 23, 8

    Such an craft an airplane with your own hands can be made as a gift to a child - for sure it will not remain indifferent to this cute toy.

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