• All about the health of dogs on Petstory.ru

    A well-groomed and healthy dog ​​is the merit of the owner alone. And this is quite troublesome and responsible occupation, but which is rewarded in full. To see how your pet attracts enthusiastic glances of passers-by, how it is playful, active, shows love for its owner - the real happiness of every owner of the four-way friend.

    The most relevant health questions and answers to them.

    The portal Petstory is ready to help in such a difficult task as growing a strong and healthy dog. We will tell about:

    • vaccinations and deworming;
    • vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis;
    • rules for collecting first aid kits for your pet;
    • care of teeth and gums;
    • standards for weight gain;
    • health program for females and males, and more.

    All this and not only you can read on the site. Dog health news is published regularly. Moreover, they are written exclusively by experts with extensive experience.

    Even if your pet grows strong and healthy, you may still need the help of a veterinarian.Very often, the owners are interested in questions about castration, pregnancy and childbirth, as not all keep pets for offspring.

    Petstory - support at all stages of dog growth

    Throughout the life of the dog, you may encounter various situations and it is not always possible to find an answer on the Internet or the advice is so contradictory that it is not easy to make a decision about how to help your pet because of the fear of harm.

    Our resource offers a unique service - online consultation through concierge chat. In order to access it, you simply register on the site. After that you can:

    • get an answer to any question as a matter of urgency - consultations are conducted by qualified groomers, dog handlers and veterinarians;
    • provide your pet with quality assistance, thereby avoiding various complications and other unpleasant situations;
    • create a schedule of preventive measures taking into account the characteristics of your breed;
    • find a good vet of any spec.

    Help with choosing a veterinary clinic

    Portal Petstory has the largest base of veterinary clinics in Moscow and the region.And we place only proven hospitals that have received positive feedback from customers.

    They provide services only within the walls of their clinic, as there is all the necessary equipment for examination, prevention and full treatment.

    For your convenience, we

    • they divided all the clinics according to the profile of the services provided - neurology, cardiology, surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, etc .;
    • we offer search by location and pricing policy;
    • we place the full list of services rendered by the clinic of interest;
    • provide data on work schedule and contacts for communication;
    • we carry out a preliminary recording - free time for reception is always indicated, therefore you always have the opportunity to choose the most suitable time.

    We are ready to provide assistance of any kind in order for your pet to grow up healthy.

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