• Altai is an amazing place for rest

    Expecting a well-deserved vacation, compatriots usually dream of foreign countries, warm beaches or ski resorts. At the same time, many people forget or do not know that they, literally “side by side”, have a wonderful and amazing place for an unforgettable vacation - Altai Mountains.

    What is Altai and why are there two of them on the map?

    On the map of Russia with the same name, there are two administrative units located nearby. This is the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic, with a territory not exceeding 260 km2. However, traditionally, “Altai” means both of these regions.

    Mountain Altai is located in several countries: the Russian Federation, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China. The climate here is sharply continental and quite capricious, so warm clothes are useful even in summer.

    The name of the region is of Mongolian origin (from "Altan") and means "golden." And indeed, Altai is a chest with golden jewels: mountains and coniferous forests, alpine meadows and waterfalls, transparent rivers and lakes.The nature here is amazing and unique, not for nothing that the region is famous for its numerous places included in the UNESCO list: Belukha Mountain, Teletskoye Lake, Katunsky and Altai Zapovedniks.

    Lovers of magical rites can see the living shamans and join the world of the mysterious and inexplicable. In general, here everyone will find what to see and do.

    "Second wind" of the tourist industry of the region

    Mass tourism originated in Altai in the 70s of the last century with the construction of the first camp sites. Until recently, special financial injections in this area was not observed. In this regard, often the service of existing tourist complexes and infrastructure left much to be desired and repelled many travelers.

    Now the situation has changed dramatically, and tourism in Altai has received a “second wind”. There is a reconstruction of bridges, roads and recreation centers. As a result, even now more than 100 complexes and bases for every taste are available for tourists: from inexpensive campsites to suites with European quality.

    Altai - rest for every taste and wallet

    Recreation and tourism in this area is very diverse: spa, active, ethnographic, cognitive.Therefore, everyone can choose for themselves an interesting lesson, depending on their preferences and financial possibilities.

    The main types of tourism include:

    • Alpine skiing, attracting lovers of this sport in the period from November to March. The main places of dislocation are Lake Aya, the Seminsky Pass and the resort of Belokurikha (for lovers of comfortable rest).
    • Mountaineering, attracting both beginners and professionals. The main object is Belukha Mountain with a height of over 4.5 km. The glaciers of Nakta, Aktru and Maasheya are equally popular. Note that the unpredictability of weather conditions and the complexity of the routes require the presence of an experienced guide.
    • Rafting and water tourism. The abundance of rivers and lakes provides an immense expanse for travel and rafting along the water. You can choose any level of difficulty, both for those who first practice rafting and for real extreme lovers.
    • Equestrian - is popular because of the presence of many places that can not be reached by road. Horses and guides can be found at the camp sites or in nearby villages.
    • Fishing and hunting. Hunting season in the taiga goes from April to September, the main game - wood grouse, wolf, bear, maral.The interested tourist will be offered tours in the taiga on horseback, skiing, cars and even helicopters. The abundance of lakes and rivers attracts a large number of fishing enthusiasts. It is common for burbot, grayling and taimen listed in the Red Book.
    • Autotourism - for those who want to experience the vastness of the region by car. The main route is the Chui tract. Some areas are suitable for traveling by any car. In others, you can only get on an SUV or GAZ. Outside the path - a complete off-road for extreme lovers.
    • Ethno-tourism - for fans of history, traditions and mythical rituals. Here you will see felt yurts, five-wall houses and cranes-wells, not only in the photo, but with your own eyes. The most interesting ethnographic museum is located in the village Mendur-Sokkon.

    Beauty of Altai - treatment of any spiritual wounds

    Anyone who has ever been to this land will forever remain his devoted fan. The main attraction here is the pristine nature, which allows to wash away all the city dust from the soul and put in order the thoughts and feelings. Many go to Altai for solving complex issues that have tormented them for a long time.It is here, in union with nature, that faithful and clear answers come.

    List all places worthy of attention, is simply impossible. The most popular are:

    1. Lake Teletskoye, which is dubbed “Little Baikal” due to the fact that it is not much inferior to the “older brother” in depth (325 m). Because of its distance, it is better to get here by car, since buses and minibuses go infrequently and with transplants. To get acquainted with all the beauties, it is worth using a boat tour. This will give an opportunity to examine the local waterfalls, the largest of which is Korbu. The water in the lake is clean, but ice, so you do not have to swim. But for fans of fishing - expanse. To their services - more than 20 species of fish.
    2. The Katun River is a great place for families with children. On its shores, especially in the lower part, there is a huge number of recreation centers, campsites and tourist complexes. At your choice - modest wooden houses or luxury rooms with European comfort. For lovers of fishing and rafting.
    3. Patmos is an island in the middle of the Katun. You can get to it from the village of Chemal on a suspension bridge, from which a walk on which takes breath.Here in the nunnery there is a myrrh-bearing icon that fulfills desires.
    4. Salt Lake Bolshoi Yarovoye - “Mecca” of sanatorium-and-spa rest due to the combination of salt water, pure mountain air and therapeutic mud. This place is especially appreciated for the treatment of lung diseases. Around the resort is located Yarovoye with an extremely developed infrastructure: an aquapark, bathhouses, yacht rental, dance and yoga lessons, restaurants and discos.
    5. Mount Belukha, where, according to legends, there is an entrance to the mysterious Belovod'e (Shambhala). At the foot - the famous Stone of Wisdom, which every year "grows" from the earth for a couple of centimeters. The mountaineering route originates in the village of Tungur and takes up to 6 days, depending on the level of training of the group. Beginners will have to spend a few days downstairs for acclimatization.
    6. Altai Reserve is one of the largest Russian reserves, whose territory exceeds 9% of the total area of ​​the Altai Republic. A diverse flora and fauna, many species of which are listed in the Red Book, is of real scientific value. Entrance to the reserve - only with special permits.The territory is almost impassable and has no highways, therefore one cannot do without a professional guide.
    7. Biosphere Katunsky Reserve, which received its name due to the Katun River, which takes its beginning. There are 135 lakes on the territory, which makes it attractive for fishermen. Here you can see wild animals in their natural habitat and get acquainted with the Old Believers traditions.
    8. Denisova Cave is a unique architectural and natural monument. The local residents, it is more known as Ayu-Tash ("bear mountain"). It was found more than 20 layers of culture corresponding to different eras of human development.
    9. Stone Bay, located north of Lake Teletskoye. There are a lot of versions about its origin, but there is still no single one. The bay is surrounded by unstable and mobile stones of various sizes. This is a beautiful place to relax in silence and extraordinary photo shoots.

    Tell about all the wonderful places and sights that are worth a look on vacation in this region, is simply impossible. It is unrealistic to cover them during one tour of the mountainous Altai.Therefore, it is advisable to choose one direction and slowly devote time to it. And you can enjoy other beauties in the next visit, which, you can be sure, will surely take place.

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