• Is there a site like our Avito in Spain to search for work there?

    There are 3 answers
    Answered on November 19, 2014 09:43
    In fact, the situation on the labor market in Spain is not the best ... There are a lot of unemployed people among the Spaniards themselves. But, if such information does not stop from the desire to conquer the sunny country :) then the following resources will be useful: • ww.inems.es - Site of the National Institute of Employment in Spain • ww.monster.es - one of the most popular job search sites • ww.empleo.segundamano.es - work in different regions of Spain • ww.infojobs.net - you can subscribe to the e-mail newsletter • ww.canaltrabajo.com - there are not only ads, but also useful tips on finding a job • ww.habitamos.com - site with ads • ww.comrade.es - assistance to immigrants, incl.

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