• Application for Easter with children

    By tradition, on Easter Sunday, we and the children paint eggs and make decorations for the holiday table. But why not expand the scope of this tradition - for example, by making a beautiful, colorful appliqué for the holiday? The application for Easter with children will help to spend an interesting day and fill it with anticipation of the expected celebration.

     Application for Easter with children

    Application for Easter with children

    Interesting application on the theme of "Easter" is made of different types of paper: cardboard, ordinary colored sheets, paper strips and napkins. Using different techniques of working with this material, you can create a beautiful Easter still life. In addition, you will need scissors, a wooden stick, plasticine, and ordinary stationery glue (you can also use a glue stick).

    Let's get started!

    First of all, we create the basis for our picture. To do this, we take a sheet of thick white paper and cut off the edges from it, rounding the corners.We paste this sheet on a cardboard sheet of turquoise or any other suitable color. The result is a frame for the picture.

     Background for crafts

    Background for crafts

    Now we need a napkin. We cut a square out of it and put it in front of us with a downward angle - in the form of a diamond.

     Square from the napkin

    Square of the napkin

    We bend the upper corner to the lower, and the left corner to the right (or vice versa). In a semicircle, we cut the bottom edge of this shape.
     We fold the napkin

    We fold the napkin

    Now we make the slots on the side folds, and the bottom the edge is wavy.

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