• Application for May 9, the Victory Day "Kremlin"

    The application by May 9 in kindergarten is usually done by both toddlers and children of preparatory groups. Every year, children create new pictures to please the veterans and take a personal, albeit small, part in the celebration of this important event. It is very important for children to express through creativity a sense of pride for their country and their ancestors, which they experience after learning how important victory our people won in the terrible war of fascism overflowing with tragic events.

     Application for May 9 Victory Day

    Application for May 9 Victory Day" Kremlin "

    Very beautiful and interesting application on the topic of May 9 ( Victory Day) is obtained by using corrugated this cardboard. With its help, you can create an image of the Kremlin - the center of our Motherland.

    Best of all, the Kremlin appliqué looks against a background of gray foiled or coated cardboard.Normal cardboard in this case does not look impressive enough.

    On the cardboard base we glue a rectangle of red corrugated cardboard. placing its stripes along (in length). We got the Kremlin wall.

     The Kremlin Wall

    The Kremlin Wall

    From the same cardboard we cut out two narrow rectangles and from one side we make they have triangular grooves. The turrets of the Kremlin are obtained, which we glue over the wall.



    In the center, between them, we make the basis for the Spasskaya Tower.

    Spassky tower

    Spasskaya Tower

    To this base we glue a rectangular continuation and a pointed spire onto which we attach the Kremlin star.

     Tower with a star

    Tower with a star

    From golden cardboard or foil we cut the dial of the chimes, glue it on tower.


    The dial

    We give our picture a festive look: from the red foil we cut out the figure "9"paste it in the right corner.


    Number "9"

    From the same foil we cut out small circles, paste them into the upper left corner of the picture, like sparks of a salute. You can use ready-made confetti or patches.



    We attach narrow“ tracks ”to the salute flashes.

    Salute Tracks

    Tracks of salute

    And the Kremlin wall is decorated with a St. George ribbon (you can glue it yourself from colored paper or cut from an old postcard).

     St. George Ribbon from an Old Postcard

    St. George Ribbon from an Old Postcard

    Our appliqué May 9 (Victory Day ) ready! The Kremlin in the picture is difficult to distinguish from the present, and the flashes of fireworks over its walls remind one of how one of the happiest days of May for our compatriots lit up the entire Moscow sky with lights.

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