• Are diapers harmful?

    The question of whether diapers are harmful to the baby, worries many Russian parents. They are easy to understand. This invention appeared in our country relatively recently, and young mothers and fathers remember how their parents used gauze and diapers and didn’t dream of any diapers from the pharmacy.

    Let's try to understand whether the use of diapers is harmful or talking about their adverse effects on the child’s body is nothing more than a myth.

    What does the diaper consist of?

    Modern diapers, weighing about 50 grams, consists of three layers:

    • 1 layer - internal, protects the baby from moisture;
    • 2 layer - medium, binds the waste products of the baby due to the content of cellulose and gel;
    • 3 layer - external, prevents the ingress of these same products outside.

    Analyzing the device of diapers and relying on the research of Russian pediatricians, it is possible to assert with confidence that the main myth about the harm of diapers associated with the statement that they provoke dermatitis and diaper rash is over. The microclimate under the modern diaper negates the risks of developing these adverse symptoms.

    Pampers for boys, is it harmful?

    We will try to answer this question with conviction. The most common myth about the dangers of this novelty was the myth about the adverse effects of wearing diapers on the reproductive function of children. This was especially true of the boys. The arguments were based on the creation of a greenhouse effect between the surface of the skin of the child and the diaper, which allegedly leads to the defeat of the testicular tissue and infertility. Fortunately, it is not. Numerous studies have confirmed that wearing diapers is not harmful for boys, since the temperature regime under the diaper is constant and, unlike their gauze "brother", does not change. So the answer to the question of whether diapers are harmful for boys is unequivocal: no, not harmful.

    Pampers for girls, is it harmful?

    By the way, modern medical science has not found answers to the question of whether diapers are harmful for girls. In most cases, there are no contraindications, not counting, of course, cases of intolerance to the materials of which diapers are made, and particularly sensitive skin.

    "Wearing a diaper, not accustomed to the pot!" - Another common argument of opponents of the modern diaper. In part, it is true.A kid in such a device is dry and comfortable, and he absolutely does not want to ask for a pot. True, this does not mean at all that he ceases to control his physiology. Studies have shown that potty training for children who wore diapers comes a couple of months later.

    Pampers: We're doing harm

    Both boys and girls will not experience any harm from wearing a diaper if their parents observe the following simple rules for using them:

    • Use diapers that fit your child in size;
    • Do not leave the baby in a diaper for longer than 3-4 hours;
    • Periodically allow your skin to air out, freeing the baby from the diaper;
    • Do not forget to use special cosmetics for pampers.

    If you follow all the rules in the use of diapers and do not abuse them, then there will be no harm from them.

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