• Are there fairies?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    July 10, 2012
    Are there fairies?

    Fairies are tender, almost ghostly figures with transparent wings behind their backs. Even in the VIII-IX centuries in Europe, most often on the islands of Britain, there are references to these strange creatures.

    Are you wondering if there are fairies?

    Without going into the essence, you can answer: "Yes, there are! In fairy tales, in dreams, in our imagination! ..." And the brownies, mermaids, ghosts, gnomes? ...

    Most lovers of extrasensory perception and the whole of the unknown, to the question whether fairies exist, will quite seriously answer: "Yes!"

    The greatest visionary and inventor Arthur Conan Doyle in 1920 published amazing information. According to him, two young English women photographed each other, surrounded by gnomes-spirits (fairies) with wings behind them. Photos printed in all newspapers. This then was considered a real confirmation of the existence of fairies.

    Later, priests, scientists, and even Marshal of Aviation Lord Daouding argued that these sorceresses exist. More often, they were often presented not as kind and empathetic, but evil, envious, and very touchy.

    Do you think there are Winx fairies?

    This is the easier question. After all, they are girls-fairies from the Italian animated series.

    Considering whether the Winx fairies exist, it can be assumed that these sorceresses were born in the imagination of the authors of the series, including directed by Iginio Straffi.

    It looks very different, ordinary girls are very loyal and sincerely friends, cherish family values, fall in love. By helping others strive for self-improvement and preaching eternal values, the Winx fairies "save the world." The main character Bloom lived in ignorance. She herself did not know about herself what is capable of performing miracles. Her friends fairy Winx Stella, Techna, Muse, Flora and Leila. This is on the show.

    And in life, a musical has already been released on this plot, books have been written, video games have been created, and even an ice show has been staged. Here you have the answer to the question whether Winx fairies exist. A generous kind heart, the ability to understand another person, help is something that will always have a very high price.

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