• How did you determine the sex of a child?

    Natalya Chekanova
    Natalya Chekanova
    March 25, 2013
    How did you determine the sex of a child?

    In the far-distant times, when they did not invent a miracle technique called ultrasound, parents knew how to find out who would be born. Moreover, there were various rituals that allowed to “order” a child of a certain sex. Let's remember the traditions and find out how the sex of a child was previously determined.

    Why did you recognize the sex of the child?

    Anyone for whom it does not matter who is born will look at the fanatically trying to figure out who to expect. Most parents nowadays believe that the health of a child is much more important than its gender.

    But in the old days knowledge of the sex of the future child really had a practical meaning. So, the boy was considered preferable to the girl, because it was he who was considered the heir. Besides, the boy is the future assistant, the master.

    In addition, to marry the girl, you had to collect a dowry. In countries where for the girl before the wedding, they received a dowry (ransom), this sex of the child was quite desirable.

    Gender discrimination is still widespread in Asian countries, and mothers often get rid of the fetus if a girl is predicted. Therefore, in the European Union, where there are many migrants, they want to impose a ban on gender prediction in order to avoid disproportion in the number of sexes.

    Who are we expecting?

    Given the importance of the issue, people for centuries accumulated observations of pregnant women to determine the sex of the child. Some signs turned out to be extremely tenacious and are still in use. So, how did they determine the sex of a child before?

    Such signs indicated the male gender of the child:

    • increased hair growth on the legs, the appearance of a gun on the stomach and around the nipples (now this is explained by increased testosterone);
    • pregnant woman begins to pull on meat and dairy products - sources of protein;
    • the woman looks good, becomes more beautiful;
    • in later periods they looked at the belly - an oval-shaped protruding puziko spoke in favor of the boy.

    The presence of the girls testified:

    • deterioration of appearance, pregnant becomes less pretty;
    • prefers something sweet from food as well as fruit;
    • body hair becomes lighter;
    • the abdomen is rounded, evenly distributed on the sides;
    • areola nipples darken.

    It was also believed that the boys are behaving more calmly, and the girls are spinning-pushing.

    Until now, tenacious and method of determining the sex of the child with a ring or needle, suspended from a string. If, above the stomach or palm, such a simple device began to describe a circle - to the girl, it swayed like a pendulum - to the boy.

    You also, knowing how you determined the sex of the child, can use these signs.

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