• Awkward situations, because of which you can go into hysterics, but do not

    You came to visit and noticed that you have a leaky sock. This is no reason to turn around and go away. You can pretend that everything is in order and it does not bother you at all. You can cheat and make holes on each finger, like gloves for touch phones. It will be stupid, but perhaps it will be appreciated as a joke. You can also refer not to fear of drafts and stay in the shoes or ask the owner about the closed slippers.


    You fell on the street in front of a large number of people. We are all mortal, and we all fall down sometimes. It is unlikely that people will laugh at you, they will most likely try to help or pretend that they have not noticed any embarrassment.

    You have a broken heel. Of course, only a woman can get into such a situation, and not every one. Heels have long gone out of fashion. But if you prefer classics to the detriment of convenience, then always keep your shoes in the car or office. It can also be useful if you are just tired and want to walk around the office in comfortable shoes.


    Photo source: flickr.com, commons.wikimedia.org

    You were caught behind the conversation behind the person about whom you were gossiping. This situation is really not pleasant. You should just apologize and continue not to do so, because it is not cultural and does not characterize you in the best way.

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