• Battle Dresses: Heigl and Shields

    A luxurious emerald dress from Naeem Khan dares to wear not everybody - only a bright woman will not allow herself to overshadow this sparkling dress. Katherine Heigl and Brooke Shields, who dared to see the light in this closet, certainly are.

    But if you pay attention, the girls put on this dress each in its own way. Catherine stressed the waist, wearing a green ribbon, and Brooke decided that the outfit is good without it, and left everything as it is.

    May 5, 2010

    I like on both girls. Unless, on Heigl looks more advantageously.


    I liked Brooke Shields more

    Brooke Shields is better, but Katherine looks like a sack of potatoes tied with a rope.

    Katherine Heigl) statuette)))

    I liked both options. Brooke Shields with luxurious shapes and curls - looks great. Katherine Heigl really like a slender statuette.

    Catherine is much more feminine !!!

    EXACTLY HEIGEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her waist and underlined and slim legs are visible, and she lose weight. Straight TOPmodel, beauty !!!!!!

    I liked the belt version of Katherine more, again I like the open line of shoulders and neckline because of the hair picked up. Brooke is also very personal, but red lacquer on the legs is a whoo)))

    Katherine Heigl)))))))

    Heigl Brooke shields no shade goes


    and the hairstyle here is exactly this one and the ribbon is very much in the theme + it is slimmer, therefore it also looks more advantageous)

    On Kathryn. This belt very well emphasized the waist and the dress does not look shapeless, it immediately changed ^^

    heigl Looks great, great reception with a waist, looks just like a cypress.

    I liked most of all Katherine!

    It is better to look at Katherine, she somehow seems slimmer.

    The dress is not interesting in itself. Neither color nor style is original.

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