• Beautiful clothes for very thin girls (17 photos)

    It is very rare to hear from the girl that she would like to gain weight, most often heard about the constant diet and extra pounds. And how offensive it is when you look 20 at your age, you have a slim and fit body, and you are constantly being told about: "Oh, what a skinny, you must eat!".

    And how do you explain to others that it is not you who have so exhausted diets, and you have such a body constitution, and nothing can be done about it, that’s why, and when everything suits you. But it turns out that very thin girls are also sometimes hard times, because such a figure is often difficult to call feminine and harmonious.

    In order to hide excess leanness, there are some tricks and unspoken rules, observing which, you will always look refined and elegant.

    For some reason, there is an opinion among girls that in order to hide excessive thinness, two extremes are necessary. One of them is buying clothes in several sizes more, but think about how thin handles look funny against large sleeves of a sweater or thin legs in a huge skirt.

    Another opinion is the purchase of things that completely enclose the figure. There are, of course, things that emphasize the figure favorably, but you need to make sure that this is not superfluous, because you don’t really want to give out too much thinness to the public.

    So, is it possible to pick up fashionable clothes for very thin girls so as not to shimmer with angular curves of the figure? Thin brushes, legs, thighs, I want to give the figure volumes where it is so lacking, but it is absolutely unreal if you wrap up in loose clothing or be covered with fabrics. To help you with this difficult task, we have prepared five recommendations for you to create the perfect style.

    How to choose the right one?

    Rule number 1. In the strip

    This simple geometric trick is to know the girls of absolutely all types of figures. It has long been known the fact that clothes in a vertical strip make the glance from bottom to top glide, so the figure is visually lengthened and narrowed, adding to an excessive thinness even minus a few pounds.

    But the horizontal bar visually adds volume, and, the wider the bar, the more the figure expands. This, of course, does not mean thatthat it is necessary to turn into a striped suitcase, but, for example, a combination of a striped top and light trousers will definitely give your body the missing volume.

    Rule No. 2. Bulk

    As we have already said, the narrow and tight clothes remain the owner of magnificent forms, and we need to choose clothes so that she hides her excessive thinness, and does not emphasize it, like, for example, all kinds of turtlenecks and tight dresses.

    We can say that you are lucky, thin girls can easily experiment with three-dimensional models, for example, with flying blouses and skirts, fashionable tunic of loose fit, which is perfectly combined with pants and shorts, will do.

    And if you are also a woman of high stature, long dresses and pleated skirts can sit perfectly. But, in order not to turn into a shapeless bag or an inflatable ball, it is better to dilute your outfit with a thin strap, which will successfully emphasize the waistline, making the image both airy and graceful.

    Rule number 3. Ruches and frills

    And what specific models can not be worn very thin girls? This is especially true of dresses that have recently become so popular, I want to follow the latest canons of fashion, but not everywhere it is permissible.

    For example, models with sharp and deep cuts are absolutely not recommended for thin girls, you should also pay attention to the legs, if they are like two thin sticks, then it is better to avoid mini-length, because it only emphasizes the angularity of the figure.

    But dresses with a variety of ruffles, ruffles and voluminous decor. Dresses that have a flared or tulip style are better suited, they will visually add smooth curves where every woman should theoretically be.

    Rule number 4. Proper shoes and accessories.

    It is not always the case of one clothes, it is necessary to approach wisely also to such important points as footwear and related accessories. Recently, bulky shoes have come into fashion, which is accompanied by a thick high heel or heavy wedge heels.

    But, regardless of height, such models will have to be abandoned, because they visually emphasize the excessive thinness of the legs. It is better to choose elegant models, preferably on a hairpin, and you should not abuse the height, it is enough 3-5 cm.

    As for the various ornaments, the fashion is not on our side either. Such fashionable large earrings and beads will have to be set aside, in any case, you should not allow yourself to wear such clothes often.But elegant models, such as thin chains with a pendant, a necklace of pearls, earrings, drops - all this will look very harmonious on thin girls.

    Rule number 5. We observe the principle of multilayeredness

    The usual monophonic dress and shoes are not always interesting, but you are lucky; a slim figure allows you to experiment a lot, for example, to combine clothes of various textures and colors, to create the most unusual combinations that are not available to the owner of magnificent forms.

    For example, a voluminous dress that is decorated with a belt at the waist looks very interesting, and a knitted cardigan is thrown over the top. A colorful blouse can be worn under a sheath dress, and a plaid shirt is perfect on top of a single-color T-shirt.

    What can be said in addition?

    So, what else things should be worn to thin girls, and from which it would be better to refuse? We must not forget that thin individuals often have a very thin neck and bulging clavicles, they can be covered with a simple scarf or scarf, pick up a blouse that is decorated with a bright jabot or collar.

    Small breasts are a frequent occurrence in thin girls to hide this detail,You can look at the blouses with lush jabot or flounces in this area, also jackets that can be decorated with various draperies and patterns on the chest are also suitable.

    By the way, but too narrow pants will have to be abandoned, jeans, pipes and skinny jeans, can also emphasize the excessive slimness of your legs. It is best to choose models of type flare from the knee or flare from the hip, which perfectly emphasize the hips, but hide the "boy" bends.

    We should not forget about the color range, it is better to abandon the universal black color, and pay attention to the bright colors, which also visually give volume in the necessary places. As for fabrics, for example, in the summer, soft and airy models look best. But the main rule should always be respected: clothing should be matched in size, only then it will look appropriate and harmonious.

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