• Best sex positions



    "Missionary position"

    The face-to-face position is often used in pairs, as it is soothing and loving. But the man is too dominant, and women often prefer positions that give them greater control.

    Diversity is important for maintaining sexual interest, especially in long-term relationships. However, there are also practical reasons for adopting a particular position.

    Each partner can move

    If sexual intercourse is prolonged, it is important to facilitate the movements for both partners.

    One partner holds the weight of another

    A couple may find it more comfortable if a heavier partner is at the bottom.

    The hands of each partner have free access to the body of the other.

    Each partner can inspect the body of another.

    For many people, sexual arousal increases if they observe the actions of their partner. For this reason, they find positions with rear entry less satisfactory. The position allows deep penetration.

    Perhaps deep penetration.

    Penetration is usually the deeper, the greater the angle between the torso of a woman and her legs. In positions on the side it is deeper, when there is more angle between the torsos of the partners, i.e., when they form the shape of a cross. When entering from behind, deep penetration is difficult if one of the partners is too thick.

    Maximum genital stimulation.

    Stimulation is not necessarily related to the depth of penetration. There may be more pressure (between the penis or the pubic bone and the clitoris) when penetration occurs at a greater angle, but less deeply. However, direct contact between the penis and the clitoris usually reduces pleasure for the woman. Full penetration in the frontal position gives an indirect stimulation due to pressure between the pubic bones of the partners.


    Woman on Top

    The use of multiple positions in sexual intercourse is not necessary for either emotional satisfaction or sensual pleasure. However, movement and change of position is natural for a love game. Positions also fall into groups, providing a free change within one group.

    These charts show the main groups (not only standing positions are shown; they depend on the relative growth of partners and the available aids).


    Face to face

    Some comments about the positions

    for some more athletic positions the woman needs a good muscular control of the pelvis;

    in positions when the woman is on top, she should move carefully so as not to injure her partner. Uncontrolled movements are fraught with rupture of the penis;

    a man can often help his partner with his hands when she is on top;

    when the partner lies on her back, the pillow under her thighs will help the partner to penetrate deeper; a man in a sitting position may feel more comfortable if he leans his back against a wall or piece of furniture, instead of leaning on his hands. Then the hands are free and will be able to caress the partner.


    Rear entry

    This diagram shows the weekly frequency of spouses' relations in four age groups; apparent decrease in frequency with age.

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