• Better than in a restaurant: what to cook for March 8

    Service delivery of products released themed gourmet gift.

    In honor of the International Women's Day "Chefmarket" createdset of festive dishes. Meet the spring offer in the company tournedo "Rossini" with foie gras and mashed sweet potatoes, as well as brandy snapps with mascarpone and berry jam.

    Tournedo is a meat dish named after the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini. Despite the Italian roots, tournedos are especially popular in French cuisine. As a rule, for its preparation small pieces of tenderloin (as thick as a finger) are used and roasted on a grill or pan.

    Photo: archive press service "Chefmarket"

    But the dessert turned out to be more constant in geographical preference. Brandy-snapps and appeared, and is consumed mainly in the UK. This is a thin crispy tubes filled with air cream. It's nice that the caloric content of such a dessert will be about 400 calories, which in a healthy diet is equivalent to 100 grams of oatmeal with a spoon of raisins.

    Photo: archive press service "Chefmarket"

    In addition to the set of products, detailed cooking instructions are attached to the set, as well as a set of hot chocolate for snacks and a bottle of sparkling wine as an aperitif.

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