• Production scheme of bird feeders

    Production scheme for bird feeders- a scheme for making a simple trough with your own hands from boards, better than pine, and plexiglass. It is also a great opportunity to spend time with children.

    Materials and tools:

    1. lumber and plexiglass, dimensions and details are shown on the images (dimensions are in inches);
    2. tape measure, screwdriver;
    3. saw, hacksaw and chisel;
    4. carpenter's glue;
    5. wooden dowels, screws, nails;
    6. drill, hammer.

    Step 1

    From the board we saw off the blanks of the bottom of the feeder and the side walls. We will shape the side wall (see fig.) And make 2 indentations in each wall, for this we use a hacksaw for metal and make 2 cuts of the desired depth, then remove the excess wood with a chisel.

    All workpieces are sanded with emery paper and joined using screws (dowels or nails), we glue the joints with wood glue.

    Step 2

    Let's make the lining of the bottom of the feeder, which will also serve as a bird's perch.From the slats we cut off 4 pieces as shown in the picture. From the round rod we'll make the perches. In the short side slats we drill holes for the perch.

    We grind all the parts with sandpaper, we fasten the rivers to the bottom of the feeders with screws and wood glue. Then install into the holes of the perches, the ends in the holes are fixed with glue.

    Step 3

    From plexiglass, we cut out 2 rectangles for the side walls, which are inserted into the grooves. In the lower part of the rectangle we will cut out the grooves so that the food will spill out.

    Step 4

    Make a roof for the feeder - the roof consists of 2 parts, one is mounted on top of the other. Saw from the board 2 rectangles of different sizes. A narrow rectangle is attached to the trough. Saw wide into 2 parts (sm.ris). and loop them together to add feed easily. We attach the second part of the roof to the trough.

    The bird feederis ready.

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