• Blush: how to apply

    You will need
    • - blush of different textures and shades;
    • - round fluffy brush;
    • - flat brush;
    • - highlighter;
    • - loose powder;
    • - foundation or base for make-up.
    Choose a rouge suitable for your skin type. Oily gel, powder or liquid will suit, dry skin will look better with soft cream blush. Select the shade depending on the skin tone - the lighter it is, the more gentle the tone should be blush. Pale white tones are suitable for very white skin, coral, golden-beige and scarlet shades go tanned, plum-colored, pure red and bright pink.
    For applying blush need high-quality accessories. Powder products are convenient to apply with a brush. A dense round brush with a rounded cut allows you to apply blush brightly enough, and a flat with an oblique cut gives a more gentle veil-like coating. This brush is convenient to sculpture the face, creating shadows under the cheekbones, shading the line of the chin and forehead.
    Prepare the skin before applying blush.Put a foundation on it under the makeup - it is better to drive it with your fingertips. The base will smooth the skin, even out its tone and will not allow the blush to fall into the pores. If there are minor defects on the face, it is better to use foundation - it is applied on its own or over the base.
    If you plan to use dry blush, powder your face with a brush or a powder puff. Then type on a flat brush made of natural or synthetic bristle blush and run it along the cheekbone. Keep the line to the temples, and then to the chin. Blend the rouge, they should be a very light layer.
    Do not put blush under the cheekbones - this will give the face a painful look. To visually make the face look younger, apply a blush on the most convex part of the cheek, which is clearly marked with a smile. For the overall freshness of the image of the rouge, you can slightly touch the forehead and chin. But do not overdo it, on the face should not be bright spots.
    Want to enhance the blush? Use a thick round kabuki brush. Apply blush in circular motions, as if rubbing them into the skin. Try a fashionable trick - first put a lighter shade on your cheeks, and then make it darker.

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