• Body care

    Initially, the body of each girl is perfect, but every year requires some effort to keep it in the right tone. The fact that you need to regularly perform various physical exercises and not eat junk food is known to all, but how to properly care for our skin? The answer is only one - the right care is useful for this means. In general, there are three stages of care:

    The first stage - cleansing

    Why should every girl, and indeed every person, have to start their day? Of course, from the shower. As for the water temperature, the optimal one can be considered the one that is most comfortable for you. But also for wellness purposes, it is sometimes recommended to use a douche that will invigorate and soothe your body.

    Use a hard washcloth that is guaranteed to remove “dead” skin particles and make it dazzlingly clean. Various scrubs, essential oils or salts that will perfectly clean your pores of accumulated dirt can also be used. Do not take hot baths unnecessarily, as they are very harmful to the skin.

    Following these simple rules will lead to an improvement in the condition of not only the skin, but also the whole organism: the metabolism, blood circulation and the nervous system will improve. At the end of this procedure, do not forget to pour cold water whenever possible - it will invigorate your body and give energy for the whole day.

    The second stage - deep cleansing.

    At this stage, the scrub mentioned above must be in your daily life. As already mentioned, it perfectly cleanses the pores, makes the skin smooth and silky and removes old, extinct cells that only age your skin. Scrub must be applied to the pre-moisturized skin and make it as if you are massaging your body.


    The third stage - hydration and nutrition.

    After peeling, the skin needs immediate recovery. This will help you a variety of creams, lotions and balms that can moisturize the skin of any type. A large number of oils in the composition of a good cream should not interfere with its rapid absorption by the skin. But still you should not apply them too often and in large quantities. Everything should be in moderation.

    Frequent lubrication of the skin with various creams can weaken its natural elasticity and beauty, the ability to produce its own acids and fats.Mixing creams is also not recommended, as they may have completely different composition and components that are included in the funds, will only interfere with each other and not bring absolutely no benefit.

    We need to remember one thing - it is well-groomed skin that makes girls attractive and deserving worthy of attention. Are there recognized beauties who would not care for their skin? No! That is why you need to take care of your body and care for it every day.

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