Tame Impala - New Person, Same Old Mistakes

Brand New Year, Same Old Me

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Ring the bells, bang the drums,
In New York, they drop the ball
It’s the time for introspection
For me, for you, for all.

What keeps you going,
When a day becomes days,
Is it your family,
Is it your stubborn ways?

You don’t hear “gumption”
Used much anymore
Which is a shame
When I need it galore.

Is it grit or is it faith?
What does it for you?
Is it love, is it hate?
How often are you blue?

There are days I can’t face life
Other days filled with joy
Sometimes I’m certain
I’m just God’s little toy.

As celestial jokes go
This one can really suck
Like lightning it’s not funny
If you’re the one who’s struck.

No one ever tells you
Life can be this hard.
They just let you grow-up
Unaware you will be scarred.

Sometimes it comes at you
With storm and wind and rain
At other times, it creeps up
This life with constant pain.

“Wait a minute,” you say,
“Someone made a mistake,
This isn’t what I’d planned
To live with chronic ache.”

I have so many questions
No answers coming through
Life was once so simple
Now it’s too much to chew.

I try to calm the chaos
By seeking peace within my heart
I know I have to like myself
As I seek my place, my part.

This strife is not a weapon
Unless it’s used for good,
It’s no excuse to pass on life
To behave any way I could.

Life still has a standard
There is a bar to meet
Life still deserves dignity
Although that’s no mean feat.

I figure if I lose myself
Then I’ve lost all things clean
This includes so many things,
Especially things unseen.

In this new year, I’ll strive
As I have in the years past
To live each day with honor
To keep my core steadfast.

Bring it on, dear life,
I will take it while I can
Use all your strongest weapons
Because I’m now a veteran.

-Sue Falkner Wood

Last Updated:1/1/2008
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