• Bright orange color in interior design

    When in life I want to make new, bright colors, many are decided on dramatic changes in the interior. Orange - one of the warmest, juicy and vibrant colors. He is able to turn even the coldest and dreary home into a sunny island.

    Psychologists say that this color can improve mood and banish depressive thoughts. But due to its brightness, it requires a special approach in the application process in the interior. About what rules should be followed, we will tell further.

    Light, warm, cozy

    A large number of shades of orange allows you to choose suitable for each room colors, ranging from pastel peach and salmon, to the eye-catching tangerine and coral.

    The first thing designers pay attention to is that this color is suitable for work rooms (cabinets), kitchens and dining rooms, partly for children.

    Rooms designed for rest and sleep with such bright colors are best not to overload.They stimulate the psyche, and to fully relax there is unlikely to succeed.

    Another important rule is that orange will make the northern rooms warmer, but for small rooms it is not suitable, as it tends to visually approximate objects.

    Here are some more features of this color:

    1. Items of this color always appear more voluminous.
    2. If you decide to make bright colors in the interior, by making color accents, remember that the orange is able to displace other tones, attracting attention to yourself. Therefore, do not use several such accents at the same time, let the mandarin or salmon be the only ones.
    3. They will fit perfectly into ethnic motives - premises decorated in Moroccan or Japanese style.

    With what to combine?

    Now let's find out in more detail how to properly use orange when decorating a house:

    • Kitchen. Deciding to transform this part of the apartment, it is worth remembering the balance. If you made bright furniture, the walls and the floor should remain neutral. Beige, milky, white or light green will do.

    This kitchen goes well with the finishing of purple, black, gray and blue shades, as seen in the photo.The hi-tech style will look great with a “juicy” color set in combination with gray or steel.

    As for the decor of the kitchen windows, it is best to give preference to light, translucent tulle, which will not weight the overall picture.

    • Children's. Psychologists confirm that orange promotes the activation of the brain, which is why it is recommended to use this shade in the working area of ​​the children's room. It will be appropriate and in the sports corner. Such a tone will lift the mood of phlegmatic in nature, inspiring them.

    If you do not decide on cardinal changes, then you can stop on bright accents - lampshade, throw pillows, curtains, carpet. The most suitable combinations for a child's room are orange with green or blue.

    • Cabinet This is a place in the house where there is an atmosphere of calm and concentration. Ideal for such a room is considered a mahogany finish, as well as orange-yellow shades of walls or furniture. They will not only visually warm, but also set to work.
    • Bathroom. For those who are not lucky enough to have a large enough area of ​​this room, you should not get involved in using bright colors for the floor and walls. So the bathroom will seem even smaller.An excellent option is a mosaic combined with white for one of the walls or lockers of a “juicy” hue.
    • Bedroom. If you are still attracted by the warm colors, and the temptation to use them in the interior of the bedroom is very large, then you can choose tangerine curtains or a set of coral chandeliers and sconces. To create a quieter atmosphere, it is better to use less active tones, for example, apricot, which is successfully combined with beige and golden.
    • Living room warm colors - one of the most fashionable design solutions. This is an excellent color solution for rooms in which family and guests often gather at the table. A cozy atmosphere will help create a combination of orange, chocolate and beige tones. Freshness will give room flowers in small and outdoor pots.
    • The entrance hall. Since there are usually no windows in this part of the apartment, the bright background of the walls or furniture will make it brighter, creating a good mood from the threshold.

    Orange is a strong color. It combines the warmth of red and the life-giving energy of yellow. It is a symbol of joy, happiness and pleasure, which he will bring to your life.

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