• Burdock oil - affordable and effective hair care

    Oils are very useful, everyone knows about it. And especially popular burdock, which is often used to improve the condition of the hair. And the curls will really become silky, healthy and beautiful, if the oil is used correctly.

    What is this butter?

    Burdock oil, as the name implies, is obtained from the burdock. Another name for this plant is burdock. Surprisingly, it is considered weedy, and many exterminate it from their gardens and gardens.

    And many more do not like burdock for its thorns, which also strive to catch on clothes. The oil of this plant is not obtained by spinning, as usual, but by infusing plants with other oils, for example, almond or olive oil.


    The composition of burdock oil includes a mass of useful substances, such as vitamins C, E, B, A, proteins, tannins, inulin, mineral salts, organic acids (palminate, stearic), chromium, cobalt, copper, calcium, iron and so on. .

    Beneficial features

    The benefits of burdock oil due to its rich composition.

    Basic properties:

    • Tannins provide a complete cleansing of hair and scalp, removing excess sebum, as well as all contaminants. In addition, these substances can fight against dandruff and its main cause - a fungal infection.
    • Since the composition contains minerals, the burdock oil provides intense nutrition to the hair and scalp, so that the curls get everything they need and become healthy and strong.
    • Proteins are proteins that are part of many body tissues, including hair follicles. They fill the voids of the cuticle and level the surface of each hair, providing shine.
    • Like any oil, burdock promotes full hydration and moisture preservation.
    • Such a means allows to normalize and maintain the acid-base balance of the hair.
    • Natural inulin, which is also contained in the oil, first, triggers metabolic processes and provides rapid growth, and secondly, strengthens the hair follicles.
    • Burdock oil has anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects, which make it possible to alleviate some skin diseases.
    • This tool starts the regeneration process, which allows you to restore hair after damage associated with chemical or mechanical effects.
    • Vitamins E and A are responsible for the normal condition of the hair and ensure their health and attractive appearance.
    • The active ingredients in the oil have a local irritant effect and thereby improve blood circulation and blood circulation. And thanks to this, the hair follicles receive the necessary nutrition and begin to work more actively, triggering growth.

    Is it harmful?

    Contraindications to the use of burdock oil are few. These include, firstly, allergic reactions, secondly, individual intolerance to the components. In addition, it is not recommended to use oil with obvious damage to the scalp (abrasions, open wounds, scratches).

    How to choose?

    How to choose the best and really useful burdock oil?

    1. Firstly, it is best to buy it in a pharmacy.
    2. Secondly, pay attention to the composition. The quality oil should not contain anything except the burdock and base oil, the latter should be natural,preferably unrefined and obtained by cold pressing (this is how most of the nutrients are preserved).
    3. Third, pay attention to the packaging. The ideal option is a glass bottle with darkened walls and a tight-fitting lid.
    4. And, fourthly, take a look at the date of manufacture and shelf life, as some properties of the oil may change.

    How to do it yourself?

    Burdock oil can be made at home. We offer several proven methods:

    Method one

    To prepare the oil in this way, prepare 50 grams of dried burdock root, as well as 100 ml of olive, linseed or almond oil. Root the ground and add olive oil.

    The mixture should be placed in a dark container, which should be tightly closed. The composition is infused for two to three weeks, after which it is filtered with the help of cloth or gauze rolled up several times. The finished oil should be stored in a glass bottle, preferably in a cool place.

    Second way

    This method can be called fast, because the tool will be ready on the same day.You will need 100 grams of chopped burdock root and one cup of any basic natural oil, for example, almond or olive.

    Cooking is quick and easy. Fill the root with oil and place the container with the mixture in a water bath. When the composition warms up, time 15-20 minutes. It is for such a period of time the plant will have time to give useful substances, but they do not have time to collapse. Cool the prepared product slightly, strain it through a cloth or gauze, transfer it to a glass container and preferably a dark container and store it in a cool place.

    Third way

    This method is the most difficult. For making butter, you need 100 grams of burdock root (crushed) and a glass of oil.

    Raw oil pour. The composition should be stored in a tight-fitting glass container. Every day for two weeks, warm the oil directly in the vessel in a water bath and wrap it in a towel, then mix it well and press for a minute. After 14 days, strain the prepared composition and store in a cool place.

    How to apply?

    How to use burdock oil? From it you can make a lot of effective hair products.We offer several recipes:

    1. This mask is the simplest, as it consists only of burdock oil. Three to five tablespoons of oil (the exact amount will depend on the thickness and length of the curls) heat up to 35-40 degrees and distribute through the hair. Cover the head with a food film and cover with a towel. After an hour, wash your head with warm water.
    2. You can make a mask for growth with burdock oil and red pepper. Mix three or four tablespoons of warmed burdock oil and half a teaspoon of pepper. Apply the mixture literally for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
    3. To make a firming mask against falling out, mix two tablespoons of burdock and castor oil, as well as a tablespoon of honey. Lightly heat the mass and apply on the scalp and hair, actively rubbing. After an hour, wash your hair thoroughly.
    4. Useful will be a nourishing mask with vitamins. In a quarter cup of warmed burdock oil, add 20 drops of liquid vitamins B, A and E. Spread the composition over the entire length of the hair, leave for an hour or two, wrap your head in film and wrap yourself in a towel, then wash off the mass.
    5. The mask with the egg will moisturize the curls and strengthen the cuticle.Mix one egg and three tablespoons of burdock oil, beat well. Apply the mass to your hair, wrap your head and wash it after one and a half to two hours.

    How to apply masks based on burdock oil? You should start with the scalp, then move along the length of the hair to the tips. Massage your head actively so that the substances penetrate the skin. You can distribute the composition both on wet and dry curls. As for the frequency of use, it is recommended to make masks with oil once or twice a week.

    Helpful Tips

    A few recommendations:

    • To enhance the effect, you can provide additional heating with a hair dryer.
    • If it is not possible to wash off the oil with plain water, use a shampoo.
    • You can add oil to the usual and constantly used tools, for example, in shampoos, balsams, masks and conditioners.


    The result will be noticeable literally after the first application. Hair will become soft, shiny, silky. And in a few weeks they will gain elasticity and strength, and will also grow faster and fall much less.

    Let burdock oil help make your hair healthy and beautiful!

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