• Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourself

    Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourselfNeedlewomen are very fond of crafts made of corrugated paper - and this is quite justified. This material is quite soft and malleable, at the same time perfectly keeps its shape. In addition, a wide palette of colors allows you to create completely any applications and volume crafts, and there is a corrugated paper is not expensive. In short, the ideal material for creative work on their own or in collaboration with their children.

    One of the easiest crafts is a butterfly made of corrugated paper with your own hands. You can make them very quickly, and then decorate the room or boxes with gifts to relatives and friends. Below we give a detailed master class on making such jewelry.

    Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourself: option 1

    In order to make a paper winged charmer, we need to prepare:

    • Corrugated paper (preferably different bright colors);
    • scissors;
    • stapler

    Getting started.

    1. First you need to cut strips of corrugated paper, the length of which will be approximately 10 cm, and width - 2-3 cm. Then you will need to gently twist it in the middle, without creasing from the edges, fix it with a staple from the stapler and bend it in half.Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourself
    2. These details will be wings, and therefore the more flowers there are, the more different butterflies will be. Now you need to choose the shape of the wings - rounded, pointed, etc. It is necessary to cut both halves at the same time so that the shape is the same.Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourself
    3. Now between the upper and lower parts of the wings you need to make small folds to create the illusion of the wing, consisting of two halves, like a living butterfly. Paper neatly straighten. The butterfly is ready.

    Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourselfYou can put this beauty on a string and hang it on a chandelier, you can pin it to a curtain with a pin or stick it to a box with a gift. The middle bracket can be hidden by wrapping the middle part in a narrow strip of corrugated paper of the same or a contrasting color. For fixing you need to drop quite a bit of glue. The butterfly will be flawless.

    Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourself: option 2

    Another quick and easy way to make a butterfly from paper: a master class. It is suitable if there is very little time or you need to make a lot of insects.

    We will need:

    • multicolored corrugated paper;
    • scissors;
    • glue;
    • thread.
    • sequins, brocade (optional)

    Operating procedure:

    1. Cut two pairs of wings out of multicolored sheets of corrugated paper - one is bigger, one is smaller. Lay them on top of each other and gently tie them in the middle with a string. If butterflies are planned as pendants, the ends of the thread should not be cut off.Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourself
    2. We cut a narrow long strip from the same or another corrugated paper, bend it in half. Exactly in the middle, it is necessary to make an incision approximately to the center of the strip. Then wrap the butterfly with this stripe, twist the antennae tightly along the notch, thus securing the little body and the wings together.Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourself
    3. At the tips of the wings, you can put on a drop of glue in which to pour brokat.

    Butterflies from corrugated paper do it yourselfThus, in just a few minutes you can create a whole flock of charming butterflies that look equally good on the curtains in the room, on the walls of the office or on the box in which the gift is hidden. By attracting to the creativity of the child, you will give him the opportunity to better know the beauty of the surrounding world, as well as to have a good and fun time together.

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