• Buy fashionable clothes at a flea market, is it possible?

    ������Almost every girl who at least follows fashion trends knows that fashion trends are cyclical. For example, some time ago they were very popular, like on pin-up posters of the middle of the last century: bright scarves on the head or neck, open blouses, wasp waist and puffy skirts. Those girls who do not want to spend a fortune on keeping up with fashion trends can search for their clothes of the latest style in second-hand or even buy an outfit at the flea market.

    Things from the flea market: obnozki or vintage?

    A few years ago, so-called "vintage" things or clothes with history became very popular. The rule of good taste was to use at least one vintage detail in one�s image. It was then that thousands of girls happily realized that many grandmothers' outfits in an old chest, kept in the attic of a summer house, are not trash at all, but stylish and modern clothes.Girls who are not inherited by vintage dresses can look for such clothes at the flea market.
    Someone squeamishly nosik when he heard the word "flea market", and someone has such markets in which you can meet the most unexpected rare things, cause a truly hunting excitement. Well looking, at the flea market you can find perfectly preserved items of clothing, the age of which can be twice yours. In those days, most of the clothes were made of natural fabrics using durable threads and high-quality accessories, which allows these things to look quite decent today. If, on the dress or trench coat you like, there are still minor defects - whipping the lightning, for example, or the lack of buttons, then in any studio the thing will quickly and inexpensively be able to put in order.

    "Star" flea market - get closer to your idol

    Over the past 5-7 years, so-called flea markets are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, selling used items of clothing made by stars of show business. Of course, famous people taking part in such actions donate their belongings not for the purpose of personal enrichment.All funds collected from such events are usually transferred to charity. Buyers make out things that previously belonged to their idols, and with great pleasure and inexpressible pride they carry them on their own or simply keep them at home.

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