• Cakes or cakes?

    November 26, 2014
    Cakes or cakes?

    Many speakers of the Russian language have problems with stress in some words. One of these "difficult" words is the word cakes. How to - cake or cake? The correct accent in this word, according to the laws of orthoepy, the science that determines the norms of pronunciation, falls on the first syllable: the mouths (as well as the bats, the ports, but bridges).

    When this word is declined, the stress in all forms is preserved on the first syllable: mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth (units), mouths, mouths, mouths, mouths, mouths, mouths (pl.) .


    • Even in the newspaper they wrote about your wonderful torts.
    • Please buy candles for the party.
    • Don't worry about torment.

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