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    Elephant ears, the heart of Christ is also aboutflower caladium. The flower has received all these names because of the shape of its beautifully colored paper-thin leaves.Caladium- a seasonal plant, lives from late spring to autumn. With the onset of autumn, it gradually loses its leaves and rests in winter. At this time, the pot with the tuber must be removed in a dark place - in the pantry, under the bed or under the bath. But do not forget about it until the spring: from time to timecheck caladiumand if you see that the earth is dry, water a little. Take out the pots by spring, inspect the tubers. Remove dried parts, sprinkle with coal wounds. Plant the tubers in a fresh, loose substrate with the addition of charcoal and water the flower properly. The depth of planting Caladium should be equal to the diameter of the tuber.


    Growing and caring for the flower.



    Caladium germinates wellin a dark, humid place, so you can simply cover the pot with a tuber with a dark package, which should be lifted from time to time for ventilation.After the emergence of sprouts gradually accustom the plant toroom humidityand periodically spray.


    Water the Caladium flower regularly.and ample enough, but try not to fill: it will lead to rotting of the roots and tubers. Provide a moderately bright flowerdiffused lightand fairly warm content: the temperature should not fall below 15 degrees even at night, so you should not take the caladium in the summer to the balcony.


    Specialpay attentionqualitytop dressing. A sufficiently short growing season implies the acceleration of all processes, respectively, and therefore the need for nutrients in the caladium increases. However, from the middle of the summer, it is gradually necessary to reduce the amount of fertilizers and the frequency of dressingbeautiful flower caladium.

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