• Can a sister be a godmother?

    Larisa Isaeva
    Larisa Isaeva
    February 19, 2013
    Can a sister be a godmother?

    Orthodox Christians baptize babies. Baptism does not do without the name of baptized parents who are chosen by parents for the moral and Orthodox education of their children. The godparents must be mature in their minds and understand that they are the second after the parents responsible for the baptized. When choosing the godparents for their child, the parents choose those to whom they could entrust their child.The sister of one of the parents (child's aunt) can be selected in this capacity. But when choosing, it is worth paying attention to the Orthodox upbringing and maturity of the mind, as godparents are those who are ready to take full responsibility for the child if something happens to their parents.

    Could there be a child's cross sister (native, cousin, stepbrother, etc.) who is going to be baptized? Yes maybe. But the conditions in this case are the same as described above. It is necessary to understand the responsibility that you impose, and know whether the sister can handle.

    The prohibitions on choosing godparents are as follows:

    1. You cannot choose the godparents of those who profess a religion other than Orthodoxy, as well as atheists.
    2. A husband and wife cannot be the godparents of one child.
    3. When choosing only one godfather for a child, he must be of the same sex as the child.

    In all other respects, you can act on the basis of your rational arguments.

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