• Can honey be at a temperature?

    Yuri Belousikov
    Yuri Belousikov
    December 20, 2012
    Can honey be at a temperature?

    On the question of whether honey is possible at a temperature, the answer was given several centuries ago, and since then the recommendations have not changed, but only undergone some correction. Yes, at a temperature you can drink honey in certain quantities, as a rule, it’s one or two dessert spoons.

    General recommendations

    Honey has a pronounced antipyretic and diaphoretic effect, so with colds, it perfectly knocks the temperature. However, taking honey, you need to be careful, because some people have allergies to it, and honey is absolutely contraindicated for them. In other cases, honey will at least not hurt you, and with such diseases as cold or bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis, or even pneumonia (pneumonia), honey will have the most beneficial effect on the body. Therefore, stock up with good honey and take it if you suddenly get sick.

    Milk with honey at a temperature

    In addition to its antipyretic and diaphoretic functions, honey also has antibacterial properties. And this property is greatly enhanced, if you take honey not by itself, but as part of a mixture. An excellent option would be to use at a temperature of honey and milk. This drink will not only reduce the temperature, but also contribute to the destruction of many harmful bacteria that cause inflammation of the throat. Of course, one honey with milk will not cure quickly. You still need to gargle, drink cough tinctures, treat your nose, but honey and milk will make a significant contribution to your recovery. The only thing is that you should not add honey to too hot milk in order not to destroy the healthy elements of this product (for example, diastase).

    Tea with honey at a temperature

    It is also a good remedy for temperature, almost as effective as milk with honey. Tea with honey helps to cause sweating and reduce the temperature, however, it is slightly less effective in combating bacteria than milk and honey. In order for tea with honey to benefit, do not drink it too hot. This is a common misconception that to recover you need to drink burning beverages.In fact, the drink should be very warm, but not hot. In addition, if the tea is very hot, the effectiveness of the action of honey on the body will decrease significantly, so make your conclusions.

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