• Can I do laundry with my own hands?

    Each housewife uses washing powders, because only with their help you can remove contamination from things. But only a few think that such a tool can be harmful and even dangerous. And if you are among them, then you will probably be interested to know that the powder can be prepared at home.

    Why do it?

    Why do something if the finished powder can be purchased at any supermarket?

    • First, many such funds are quite expensive, and if the family is large, they can severely undermine the budget.
    • Secondly, the composition of some powders include chemicals that can not only damage the delicate fabric, but also cause the strongest allergic reaction.
    • Thirdly, some do not like the smell of powders too sharp.

    If you are still in doubt, then another argument in favor of making homemade powder will be the simplicity of this process. It will take only 5-15 minutes. Agree, it is not so much.

    By the way, the necessary components will be found in almost every home, in the nearest store or in a pharmacy. And the cost of the finished product will be more than affordable. Efficiency will not yield to expensive store powders.


    How to make washing powder with your own hands? We offer several interesting and at the same time simple recipes.


    For production you will need:

    • 150 grams of laundry soap;
    • 500 grams of regular baking soda;
    • 400 grams of household soda ash;
    • 5-10 drops of any essential oil (to give the product a flavor).


    1. First, rub the laundry soap on a grater to get chips. It is advisable to use a fine grater, in this case, the tool is suitable for a typewriter.
    2. The resulting soap chips should be mixed with soda.
    3. Now put essential oil on the powder and rub it.
    4. Done!


    Prepare the following ingredients for cooking:

    • one large piece of laundry soap;
    • half a kilogram of soda ash;
    • half a kilo of baking soda;
    • three tablespoons of citric acid;
    • two tablespoons of salt;
    • essential oil optional.

    How to do? It's simple:

    1. Soap should be grated.
    2. Mix the resulting soap chips with soda.
    3. Now add citric acid, it will keep the tissue soft.
    4. Then add salt to the mixture. Such a component will help preserve the color of the fabric, as well as whiten white things.
    5. Mix the powder well, add the essential oil and mix again. Detergent is ready!

    The third

    What is needed for cooking?

    • 200 grams of laundry soap;
    • one glass of household crystalline soda;
    • one glass of baking soda;
    • two tablespoons of vinegar (to avoid dyeing fabrics, you should use white, that is transparent).

    Cooking method:

    1. Soap rub on a grater.
    2. Mix the chips with soda.
    3. Add vinegar. This component will help soften the fabric. But since it has a peculiar and rather pungent smell, after washing things should be rinsed well and thoroughly. Also, to remove the "flavor" you can use essential oils.
    4. Mix all ingredients well.


    This recipe can be called one of the simplest, because the minimum amount of the most accessible components is included in the product:

    • 75-100 grams of high-quality natural soap;
    • one glass of baking soda;
    • liter of water;
    • 20 drops of essential oil.

    Cooking method:

    1. Soap to rub on any grater.
    2. Mix soap chips with soda.
    3. Bring water to a boil and completely dissolve the dry mixture in it.
    4. Add the essential oil, mix well.
    5. Pour the liquid into the bottle, close it tightly and put it in a cool dark place.


    To prepare you need to prepare:

    • 100 grams of soap;
    • half a glass of soda ash;
    • half a glass of borax (sodium borate).


    1. First you need to rub the soap on a fine grater.
    2. Mix the resulting soap chips with soda and borax.
    3. Mix everything thoroughly so that not a single lump is left. This can be done with a mixer or blender.
    4. Move the finished powder into the bottle, close it and clean.

    Helpful Tips

    Recommendations for the preparation of powder:

    1. It is better to make powder in a respirator or in a protective mask so that its small particles do not get into the respiratory tract (some of them can damage the mucous membranes).
    2. Essential oil can choose almost any, it all depends on your preferences.But the most pleasant aromas are lavender, mint, orange, lemon, grapefruit and some others.
    3. To accurately measure the required amount of ingredients, you can use a scale. If the proportions are not met, the effectiveness of the tool will decrease, and the fabric of the thing may deteriorate.

    How to use?

    Some tips on using homemade powder:

    1. In the machine wash, dry and well shredded products can be poured directly into the container section for the powder. If the particles are large or liquid, it is better to place it directly in the drum with the laundry.
    2. Before using the powder, pre-test it on a small piece of the thing to avoid spoilage.
    3. The expense of means makes approximately one glass on 4-5 kilograms of dirty linen.

    Use homemade powder with pleasure!

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