• Capsule wardrobe

    Capsule wardrobeCapsule wardrobeThis is a unique chance to use your attire to the maximum. No need to buy new things - organize old ones, combining clothes with each other. In addition, you can purchase accessories and two or three bags. You can easily divide your wardrobe into several different groups to your liking, the more, the better. The main thing is to think carefully. When buying a new thing, immediately withdraw all possible options for combining it with already existing things.

    The composition of the capsule

    Creating a specific capsule,for a start, determine its purpose and conceived way. Then divide things into groups by style. Selected items should be well combined, do not be afraid to experiment with colors. There is no limit to the number of things in the capsule - there may be from six to ten or more, it all depends on your imagination and imagination. Depending on the time of year you need to update your dressing room.
    Capsule wardrobe

    Principles of creation


    1. Before you go to the store to shop, pull out all your robes and peremerte them.Perhaps you have already forgotten about the presence of many of them. You probably will pick up some good options, than at the same time and save.Capsule wardrobe
    2. Do not neglect the stylistic concepts - there are many different shades of the same color, and if they are successfully and rationally combined, you get a very beautiful tandem.Capsule wardrobe
    3. Most of your capsular wardrobe should be taken up by basic things and about a third by designer bright fashionable things.
    4. To give uniqueness and inimitable to your appearance, do not forget about stylish accessories.Capsule wardrobe
    5. Before creating a capsule,set what it will be intended for (for home, office or parties).
    6. In what sequence to shop? First clothes, then shoes, then a bag and accessories. It is possible that at home you will find suitable shoes or a scarf for a new suit or dress, and you will not need to buy anything.



    If you say what a wardrobe capsule, examples will be the best explanation. For example, a set for work: a skirt of black or brown color below the knee, classic pants of the same color, a strict dress with a small neckline,a pastel-colored blouse and trouser suit, three pairs of shoes or boots with a small heel, two handbags — one daily, the other for significant events. Thus, you can create new ensembles every day and look inimitable.Capsule wardrobe
    By the same principle we create the rest of the capsules, the main thing is to determine the basic thing, and then the rest is easier to pick up. If you take blue blue jeans as a basis, add two gray or blue blouses, a white shirt, a sweater or a jacket of the same color and two pairs of ballet shoes or low-heeled shoes, you will get a great set for walking.

    Declare war to senseless and rash purchases. When preparing to receive guests, you first make a list of the necessary products and then go to the supermarket, and not in a chaotic order throw everything into a bag and then go home crazy, what to do with all this and what to cook. If you go to the store for a new thing for a specific purpose, for example, pick up an addition to a leather red skirt, you will spend a minimum of nerves, strength and money - and you will be satisfied with the result.

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