• Chalet - style for a luxury home

    Do you want something unusual, yet cozy and luxurious right at home? Arrange the room in the style of a chalet! And let everyone envy you.

    What is this style?

    What is a chalet? So called a small and cozy Swiss house. In such houses, shepherds living in the Alpine mountains, on the banks of rivers or lakes used to sew. Today, the shepherds have almost been forgotten, but many have attracted their homes. Yes, these houses are built to this day.


    In addition, many arrange whole cottages or houses in this cozy style. As for the usual city apartment, then it is quite possible to make a real alpine corner of comfort and warmth in it. This style is a combination of restraint, comfort and discreet beauty.

    Special features

    Large fireplace

    Let's list some features that distinguish the interior in the style of the chalet:

    • Use only natural materials. At the time of the shepherds there were simply no other options.
    • Comfort Everything is literally soaked with the warmth of the hearth. Going into such a room, I want to close the door and not to remember the city vanity.
    • Muffled tones. No bright and bright colors, they tire and strain.
    • Another distinctive feature is the gentle slope of the roof. Of course, in the country or in a private house it is quite possible, but in the apartment the ceilings are straight.
    • Some coarse and unpolished beauty. Elegant and bright things in such a room can not be. All objects have simple outlines, but from this they seem even more beautiful and even chic.
    • Minimum accessories and decorations. Shepherds did not think about decor, so it's important not to overdo it.

    We make the interior in the style of a chalet

    Let us dwell on the most important moments of the design of the room in the style of a chalet.

    The choice of materials and finish

    For a large space

    Initially, the chalets were built of wood, so that it is best suited. But other natural materials are also used, such as stone.

    • The best way to finish the walls - clapboard lining. If you are not satisfied with this option, you can replace the tree with decorative tiles, stylized as stone or brick. In addition, you can use textured plaster, it will also look natural and noble.
    • The floor will look great wooden parquet.The simpler and simpler it will be, the better, so no complicated patterns or patterns. You can use stone tiles, but in this case you will have to pay special attention to floor heating.
    • The ceiling must also be wooden. For greater persuasiveness can be placed on it a few wooden beams. In addition, even in an apartment you can simulate a gentle slope with the help of all the same beams.

    Color solutions

    The colors in the interior should be muted and noble. All shades of beige, coffee, sand, chocolate, ivory color will perfectly fit into the style of the chalet.


    Black and white are also quite appropriate, but they should not be too much. You can also safely use olive, mustard, terracotta, marsh, maroon, dark green and some others.

    Do not allow contrasts, all tones should be combined, and transitions should be smooth.

    As for the patterns, a strip, peas, flower prints, a cage, various geometric patterns are permissible.

    Choice of furniture


    All furniture should be massive and a little rough, but at the same time comfortable and cozy. Some artificial aging will be appropriate.All items should be new, but at the same time they should be inspired by something cozy, old, kind and noble. Here are a few options:

    • In the living room, be sure to place a soft large rectangular sofa with upholstery made of textiles (preferably from natural coarse fabrics) or leather and with wooden legs.
    • Get wooden chairs with high backs and armrests upholstered in natural materials.
    • Replace massive chairs can miniature shaggy ottomans or bean bags.
    • Next to the sofa you can put a simple coffee table made of coarse wood.
    • In the bedroom, place a massive wooden bed with a simple headboard.
    • Things can be decomposed into a simple wardrobe.
    • Bedside tables must certainly be small, simple and wooden.
    • On the wall there may be wooden shelves.
    • Be sure to place the fireplace in the center of the room. It can be electric, but it should be similar to the present.
    • In the kitchen, put a massive wood table or place a tabletop made of natural stone. Place wicker or wooden chairs around.
    • If you decide to arrange in the style of a chalet bathroom, get a plumbing in retro style.


    The light must be unobtrusive and muffled.Place around the perimeter of several stylized antique fixtures. If the chandelier, it's simple and not too massive, but it's better to do without it. In the evening you can light candles.

    Cozy interior


    Accessories in the room should not be too fanciful, flashy and bright. Decoration should be carried out taking into account the main idea - coziness. We offer several options:

    • Spread a soft hide or a long-pile round or oval carpet on the floor.
    • On the couch or bed, there should be a veil of natural fabric.
    • Scatter small pillows around the perimeter of the sofa, they will add comfort.
    • On the wall you can place deer antlers.
    • As a decor, you can use photos in modest and simple frames or small pictures.
    • Forged and noble will look forged products: candlesticks, hangers.
    • You can use wicker baskets.
    • Do not block windows with heavy linen or cotton curtains.
    • Arrange a few animal figures.

    Helpful Tips

    Unusual combination

    Finally, some useful tips:

    1. Modern home appliances best hidden behind the curtains, it does not fit into this style.
    2. For decoration, you can use branches and stumps.
    3. Feel free to use dried plants and flowers.
    4. Do not litter the room, otherwise it will look like an attic, not a chalet.

    Create your own corner of coziness and comfort and enjoy the warmth of the home.

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