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    Liana Raymanova October 25, 2017

    In people representing the astrological combination of Leo and Snake, embodied the best sides of both signs. itcalm and wise personalitieswhich are not trivialized. In the character of such a person there are many clearly expressed positive qualities: sincerity, honesty, caring, patience, etc. But some of them can be perceived by others as flaws.

    The tendency towards candor inherent in Snake-Lions often interferes with their lives - people not only do not appreciate honesty, but also resent it or start to get angry. But the heroes of our article do not stop this, theyput the truth first.

    Lions born in the Year of the Snake do not like to argue terribly, partners try to choose calm and restrained

    This concerns not only personal life, but also friendship and business relations. Such people approach to the resolution of conflicts with all possible tactfulness - scandals prefer quiet conversation, and instead of disputes and clarifying relations make constructive conclusions.

    From the side of the Lion-Snake seem self-sufficient individuals who do not really need to communicate. But this is only partly true. Representatives of this astrological combinationlove communicationbut bad companies prefer loneliness. But conversations with people interesting to them very much.

    The House of the Lion Snake is a fortressto which only favorites are allowed. Such a person may refuse to receive guests at all, but the interior will still be decorated elegantly and beautifully. He does it for himself - so that it is easier to relax, so that the homely atmosphere pleases and adds strength.

    Characteristics of men Lviv, born in the year of the Snake

    This person is sometimes inclined to suddenly show coldness and indifference.

    Despite the calm disposition, Snake-Lions do not quit conflicts and are always ready to rebuff the offender. At the same time, they try to use honest methods, thereby demonstrating to the opponent the courage and power of his character.

    Among the negative qualities most clearly stand outcapriciousness and selfishness. But a person born under the sign of Leo in the year of the Serpent, perfectly knows how to hide the character's shortcomings deep inside himself, especially if he communicates with the people he cherishes. In conversations with less important interlocutors, Lev Snake can afford a slight indulgence.

    This person is also prone to unexpectedly show coldness and indifference, but this happens very rarely. Representatives of the signs Leo and Snake take a very responsible approach to the issue of creating a family, since it is not the last in the list of priorities.

    Since the selection criteria are high, and correspond to them a few, the Lions-Snakes begin to search for the second half at a very young age to save time

    Characteristics of men Lviv, born in the year of the Snake

    Male Lion Snake -charismatic and charming manwith a brilliant sense of humor. The zodiacal horoscope gives him self-confidence and leadership qualities, the east brings wisdom and complacency into his character. This man is not deprived of the ability to analyze their shortcomings and is actively working to eliminate them.

    Among the positive qualities of his nature are kindness, generosity and generosity. Born in the year of Snake, the guy Lev is not indifferent to the problems of others, always happy to help with deeds and words.

    Representatives of such an astrological combination are sociable and cheerful, therefore they rarely experience forced loneliness.They do not mind sometimes hiding from the surrounding world in their own cozy mink, but if they want to stay in society, they easily and quickly find an interesting company.

    Imperfections of the mark

    Male Lev Snake - a charismatic, charming man with a brilliant sense of humor

    Male lionneeds praise from others, she very much flattered his vanity. Representatives of the sign love to be in the spotlight, but do not use cheap tricks to achieve this goal. The snake adds solidity to the character of a person, which does not allow him to resort to clowning and other similar tricks.

    Lev Snake wins the interest of others with meaningful and intriguing speeches or spectacular actions. The seriousness and dedication of this person can not inspire respect from others.

    Such men always usegreat authority in society, often become leaders in both working and friendly teams

    Career heights prefer to push forleadership positions, the role of the subordinate is tried on with great reluctance. Despite the successes in the work, male Lions, born in the year of the Snake, rarely become owners of large capital.All because of their excessive waste: they can spend all the money earned on beautiful things for the interior or stylish clothes.

    Imperfections of the mark

    Men Lions, born in the year of the Serpent, are unduly concentrated on their own person. The royal sign gives them selfishness and vanity. Such a person always puts his interests above the interests of other people. His girlfriend will constantly praise the chosen one for every little thing, to flatter his vanity. But it is worth at least hinting Lev that he is weak or untenable in any area, as he will instantly lose his temper and become rude, irritable.

    For these guys are characterized by sharp mood swings, capriciousness and stubbornness. Male Lion Snake -pronounced owner, many girls perceive it as a minus.

    Imperfections of the mark

    Men Lions, born in the year of the Serpent, are overly focused on their own person

    Characteristics of a female Leo, born in the year of the Snake

    The Lion-Snake woman is a man with a powerful leadership character and high ambitions. She devotes a lot of time to her appearance - likes to dress beautifully, can spend the last money on an expensive and exquisite decoration. These girls have a special sense of style and great taste.

    In communicating with others, the Lion-Serpent women manifest themselves as interesting, versatile companions. They can easily keep up the conversation on almost any topic, even if they do not understand it at all. Snake-lionesses have the talent to speak convincingly, they rivet the attention of the public with their magnetism. These women -careerists, work means a lot to them. But with the appearance of a full-fledged family, they are able to give up even a good management position and fully devote themselves to housework.

    The girl Leo, born in the year of the Snake, is active, decisive and always brings things to the end. Punctuality and organization are also characteristic of her.

    These qualities greatly help her in her work, but in her personal life they often serve as a hindrance.

    Potential partners of the Serpent Lioness may be deterred by its inflated demands. She does not tolerate altercations and wants everything to develop either in her own way or in any way. To compromise such women are extremely reluctant, because they firmly believe that the man must give way.

    Imperfections of the mark

    In women, the Serpent Lionesses, as in men, the main disadvantage is selfishness.They naively believe that the world revolves around their humble person. They find it difficult to find a mate because of too powerful character. To compete with such a girl can only a strong and confident man. She will constantly suppress the weak chosen one and thereby make him unhappy.

    At work, the main obstacle is the habit of trusting your emotions and impressions more than facts or useful experience.

    Characteristics of a female Leo, born in the year of the Snake

    Woman Lev Snake - a man with a powerful leadership character and high ambitions

    Love Compatibility of the Lion in the Year of the Snake

    The Leo man, born under the sign of Snake, quietly experiences loneliness, although he dreams of a happy family. When he falls in love, he is ready to move mountains for the sake of his girlfriend, provided that she will show the same dedication.

    Lev Snake does not like short-term novels and rarely gets them. But serious relationship he did his besttrying to keepbecause he believes that true love is only once in a lifetime. Without sincere and deep feelings, such a person does not make long-lasting novels at all - it is worth noting to him that his partner in something does not suit his royal person, and Leo Snake immediately breaks off his relationship with this woman.But if he finds a girl who is satisfied with him in everything, then he won't be too long with the proposal of a hand and heart.

    To refuse such a man will not be decided by every representative of the fair sex. He brings joy and fun to relationships, charges them with his optimism. In bed, he is a sensual and gentle partner, ready to experiment to please the lady. Marital fidelity for him -important moral principle, and not an empty sound.

    Representatives of the astrological combination of Leo-Snake are usually attracted to girls "with a twist." Even the most beautiful and spectacular woman will not be interested in him if she does not have a special, unique charm.

    High compatibility in love is possible only under the condition that the girl will have a calm temperament, but in bed she will show herself as a passionate and active partner.

    A woman representing the astrological combination of Leo-Serpent, is no less anxious about the institution of marriage. Whatever her choice, she will always strive to be one step ahead of him. A man, trying to keep up with his companion, will reach more and more heights. Snake women are wonderfulknow how to motivate their partners to succeed, but they themselves are not averse to reaching career peaks.

    Lionesses born in the year of the Snake often become the initiators of relationships. They are energetic and active, love to seek the men they like. Such girls from an early age dream of marriage and having children, but innate wisdom does not allow them to tie the knot with the first comer. Lionessmay long choose a partnerwhich will suit her in everything - thanks to the influence of the Serpent's mark, she has enough patience.

    Successfully married, this woman becomes almost the ideal hostess. She likes to do household chores, caring for her spouse and children. But the nature of the Lioness the Serpent is not the easiest, to get along with them under one roof is not capable of every man.

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