• Chastushki on February 23

    February 23 is looking forward to the entire male population of the country. On this official men's holiday, all defenders of the fatherland, both present and future, accept congratulations from the ladies.

    Chastushki on February 23

    First, they are congratulated in kindergarten, school, at work, well, after all, they accept congratulations from the closest and dearest people: daughters, wives, mothers, grandmothers. Usually a holiday is celebrated with a feast. So, in the gardens spend matinees, and in schools evenings with the theme of the holiday, which invite dads and grandfathers.

    The offices are corporate. Chastushki on February 23 to help defuse the situation, to amuse the guests.

    February has come, and February 23 is not far off, and is it time to think about organizing a holiday and gifts? Any male representative, whether boy or man, it does not matter, always rejoice in the upcoming holiday. Female sex is to be prepared for this day. Consider examples of events from kindergarten to office.

    Matinee in kindergarten

    Chastushki on February 23

    Organization of the event falls entirely on the shoulders of the teacher.It is he who chooses the scenario in which the celebration will take place. In addition, it chooses and distributes to teach the ditties by February 23 for children. At this age, ditty serves as a greeting and a gift for boys from girls in preschool.

    The teacher can choose chastooshkas with the names of the boys who visit his group. When distributing chastooshkas for memorizing, the tutor, of course, is guided by the child's abilities, because each one is different: someone has to learn the quatrain for several days, and someone has enough to hear a couple of times. Here are some ditties as an example of ditties with names on February 23:

    If Dima is ours once

    Will become a deputy,

    That diary is his unfortunate

    It will be compromising! Wow!

    At school, children mostly organize their own evening. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the girls to congratulate the boys. But the teacher should control the whole process, make sure that the ditties used by the girls are for children.

    An example of a children's ditty suitable for school:

    Do not yawn at lessons,

    Be all attentive

    And good grades

    Will be required!

    Chastushki on February 23

    The teacher can also offer a list of ditties on February 23 forschoolchildren. Based on the list of teachers and even pick up something from the Internet, the girls are developing a scenario of the event.

    Depending on the age, girls can choose ditties with the names of boys on February 23 and add a little humor, adding cool ditties from February 23. The main thing is not to make a mistake in the choice, because everyone has a different sense of humor. Even a student can be “touched” with a rash word, not to mention a ditty.

    At school, unlike in the kindergarten, boys and girls are given gifts. Most often they are various notebooks, pens, a cool set of pencils and other stationery.

    In the office, the entire organization of the holiday lies on the female half of the team. At the same time, women organize food not only for nutrition, but for fun. It’s not at all easy to choose ditties on February 23 for colleagues, because there are so many of them. However, more often than not, colleagues choose cool chastushki. Here are some examples:

    I'll tell you about men

    Everybody is irreplaceable!

    How to take the repair,

    So it will probably be a year!

    Despite some sarcasm present in the ditty, colleagues like to listen to them, because they are very funny.

    Loves to drink my darling

    Though scold, though not scold.

    He brews beer from the cradle,

    Only pour in a mug.

    All men, from young to old, really like the attention of women, and on this day there should be a lot of it. This is the only day in the year that can and should be devoted only to our defenders of the Fatherland.

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