• Chebbi chic - an interesting style in clothing and interior (13 photos)

    How many different styles! Sometimes it is simply impossible to decide on one or the other. If you do not want to part with old things, but at the same time prefer elegance and beauty in everything, pay attention to the style of chebbi chic.

    A bit of history

    What is a chic chic? If you translate such a phrase literally from the English language, it will mean "worn chic." Yes Yes exactly. And this name fully describes this stylistic direction. The founder of the style is Rachel Ashewell - an English businesswoman and designer.

    Details matter

    She loved to go to flea markets and bought old rare things with pleasure there. Then skillful Rachel literally revived them, but she didn’t change, but only slightly restored. The result was cute little things that blew old and chic at the same time. And such items were bought up with pleasure, since they were inexpensive, cute and in their own way elegant and original.

    Original design

    Main features

    Let's list some features of the style of shebbie chic:

    • Natural materials.
    • Bright hues
    • The lack of modern items.
    • All things seem outdated.
    • Modesty, restraint.
    • The abundance of simple elements of decor.

    Chebby Chic Interior

    Shabby chic style in the interior, in principle, may be appropriate in any room. Only in the nursery should not create an atmosphere of antiquity, as the child may feel uncomfortable. And other rooms can be made out in this style. Let us dwell on several important points of the arrangement of the room.

    Here is the fireplace

    Color solutions

    To begin with it is worth listing the colors characteristic of such a stylistic direction. Most often used are muted pastel colors: milky, beige, ivory, cream, pale pink, sand, light green, pale blue, pale lilac, light purple, lavender and others similar. All shades should be pale, as if worn and faded from time to time. Forget about bright and catchy colors, they are inappropriate.

    For a big house


    • If you are decorating walls in the style of shebby chic, then the best option is to paint the walls. And it is not necessary to try at all, because the more careless the surface looks, the more original and old it will look.Do not want to paint? Then buy paper wallpaper with a striped or floral print of pale colors. In addition, you can plaster the wall.
    • The ceiling is best to whiten or paint. The elements of stucco molding or decorative beams will be favorably emphasized by elegant old times.
    • The floor can be covered with parquet or laminate, stylized as natural wood. The older it will look, the better.

    Choice of furniture

    Living room

    If you have old furniture in the attic or in the country, do not rush to throw it away, let it gain new life. You can also go to the flea market or in an antique shop.


    All items should be light and create the impression of antiquity. Rubbing, peeling and chipping would be quite appropriate. Furniture should not have sharp corners and modern details.

    Here are a few options:

    • In the living room be sure to place the soft armchairs and a sofa with light upholstery made of coarse cloth. Original will look floral patterns and carved elements.
    • The bedroom will not be antique without a massive bed with a metal headboard on high legs from the last century.
    • Be sure to purchase a massive wooden chest with many drawers.
    • Massive wooden cabinet on curved legs.
    • A perfect chebbi chic style kitchen is a scuffed wooden table and old wooden chairs.

    If you do not have the opportunity to purchase old furniture, make it old with your own hands. Decoupage will help in this - the technique of decorating objects using images on paper or cloth, followed by artificial aging. French decoupage looks original, as well as Provence or Simplé decoupage.


    Style for noble ladies

    Lighting should be sufficient. Beautiful vintage crystal chandeliers with lamps in the form of candlesticks, faded lampshades, night lamps are used.



    What accessories can I use?

    • Black and white photographs or paintings in old, frayed frames.
    • Vases and cute statues, such as angels, ballerinas.
    • Numerous napkins, tablecloths.
    • Lambrequins, tassels on the curtains.
    • Soft cushions on sofas and armchairs.
    • Candelabra and candlesticks.
    • Dried flowers.
    • Antique clock.
    • Caskets
    • Plates on the walls.
    • Rag dolls.

    Self-made items are especially welcome. All elements should be light or faded, frayed.

    Old sets will be useful

    Chebbie Chic Clothing

    Shebby style chic in clothes is very popular. And although the fashion of past years is different from modern, connoisseurs are. We list the main features of this style.

    Lace should be a lot


    The style must be refined and feminine. The silhouettes are gentle, airy, flying. No vulgarity and vulgarity, no modern fashion.

    Possible options:

    • Loose flying dresses, skirts and sundresses in the floor or medium length.
    • Dresses and skirts in the style of new look.
    • Layered skirts and dresses.
    • Skirts and dresses in country style.
    • Cropped narrow or straight pants.
    • Shorts skirt.
    • Loose or slightly fitted shirts and pants.
    • Fabric corsets.
    • Knitted sweaters and sweaters.

    Colors and prints


    All shades of clothing in the style of chebbi chic should be gentle, soft and light. Such tones as mint, beige, peach, light yellow, lilac, light green, white, light blue are appropriate.

    As for the drawings, the best option - floral prints. There is not much color in this style, so do not be afraid to overdo it. Cage, strip and polka dots are also valid. Geometric patterns are also suitable, but they should be cute and simple, but not coarse or abstract.



    Fabrics must be natural, light and feminine. Several variants:

    • Feminine silk or satin.
    • Light and airy chiffon.
    • Romantic and sexy lace.
    • Linen.
    • Knitwear
    • Wool, cashmere.
    • Organza.
    • Velvet.

    About synthetic materials forget.


    When choosing shoes, pay attention only to feminine models: shoes with heels or wedges, sabots, ballet flats, sandals with heels, flat shoes or wedges, neat ankle boots with laces.

    Details and decor

    A few details inherent in chebbi chic:

    • Embroidery.
    • Multi-layered.
    • Lace trim.
    • Ruffles, frills, wedges at the hem.
    • Lacing.
    • Shiny accessories.
    • The abundance of buttons or hooks (locks and buttons are rare).
    • The abundance of decorative elements.


    Stylish bracelet

    Be sure to purchase the following accessories:

    • Straw bonnet.
    • Brooches.
    • Wide sunglasses.
    • Earrings in the form of bows or flowers.
    • Large wooden bracelets with floral prints.
    • Beads. It can be beads from plastic beads or from pearls.
    • Scarves.
    • Handbag, chest or clutch, embroidered with beads or gold threads.

    Original accessories will be handmade.And remember that all subjects should be sustained in light and gentle tones.

    Now you know all the features of the chebbi style chic. And let the old man be original and fashionable!

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