• Cheese Diet

    Cheese contains up to 65% milk fat and up to 20% protein. But despite this, the proteins contained in the cheese products are absorbed by the body much better than dairy. The body is almost completely absorbs the nutrients found in cheese.

    Cheese diet can be attributed to low-carb. Its principle of operation is as follows: when eating cheese, carbohydrate consumption is reduced and the body begins to eat thanks to proteins and fats. In addition, fat reserves do not accumulate, because the body consumes them, and therefore, for the absorption of fats and proteins, additional energy is needed.

    Compared with diets, which are based on lowering carbohydrate intake and increasing proteins, the cheese diet is more benign because the cheese contains proteins that the body absorbs well. However, you should not follow this diet for more than ten days. The diet includes low-fat hard cheeses (fat content of about 12%).

    Classic Cheese Diet Menu

    This version of the cheese diet consists of a six-meal diet, every 2 hours.In this case, you must comply with the following diet:

    - 8:00 - green tea or green coffee without sugar (you can use a sugar substitute);

    - 10:00 - boiled egg;

    - 12:00 - boiled meat or ham slice (100 grams);

    - 14:00 - cheese (100 grams);

    - 16:00 - cottage cheese (250 grams);

    - 18:00 - a glass of milk or kefir.

    It is also necessary to drink 2 liters of water daily. Cheese diet must be followed for 10 days.

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