• Christmas paper crafts with their own hands

    According to the Chinese calendar, the red fire monkey is considered the patron of 2016! If the animal favors you, then prosperity and well-being will come to the house, and the family will not know the need. You can bring good luck to the house by making a goat - a souvenir with your own hands. We offer you a master class of Christmas paper crafts for 2016.

    Christmas paper crafts with their own hands

    Christmas crafts with their own hands for 2016

    New Year's hand-made crafts bring joy to you and your children, because the manufacturing process does not take much time, materials require the most ordinary, and the result exceeds expectations. We offer you some of the brightest ideas.

    We advise you to celebrate New Year in a goat mask. You just need to print the image on a thick cardboard, cut out the eyes and the hole for the mouth and thread a thin elastic band so that the mask keeps on the head.

    Christmas paper crafts with their own hands

    Paper goat can be an interesting decoration of the New Year's table. It is easy to make a 3D stick figure out of paper.To get started, print the image on thick white paper.

    Christmas paper crafts with their own hands

    If you want, the workpiece for the New Year craft can be painted with felt-tip pens in green. Then cut the parts along the contour. Where the line is continuous it is necessary to make cuts, there should be two. The dotted line indicates the place of the bend. After you have folded the figure, insert the head and tail of the animal into the desired incisions and fix it with glue or tape. Our patron is a green goat ready!

    Crafts for the New Year 2016 - do it yourself

    With your own hands, you can create a more complex craft for the New Year, for example, a goat from a sleeve for toilet paper. It looks charming and can serve as a funny souvenir.

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