• Cleome: growing from seed, planting and care

    Growing up

    Before starting seed growing, it is necessary to prepare boxes for future seedlings and soil. To obtain the necessary soil must be mixed in a proportion of 1/2 sand and humus. Place the soil in boxes and sprinkle with a thin layer of wood ash.

    • Treat seeds with any growth promoter for better germination.

    • In the prepared soil to make the grooves and sow the seeds. Sprinkle the seeds with compost on top.

    • Sprinkle with a spray bottle and cover with foil. Boxes clean in a warm sunny place.


    To plant the glue in open ground at the end of May. Land for planting is better to use sunny with fertile soil and lack of moisture. Before planting seedlings, the ground should be dug up, add complex fertilizers and compost.

    Make holes with a diameter of 5 cm at a distance of 30 cm from each other and 50 cm between rows.

    Place the seedlings in them and sprinkle with earth. This planting will allow the glue to grow and bloom well.


    Kleoma is an unpretentious plant, but for better growth and flowering, you can follow some rules.

    • The air temperature must be at least 15 ° C.

    • Land for landing is required windless.

    • Cleome does not tolerate abundant watering, it is better to slightly dry it than pour.

    • During the season the plant should be fed 2-3 times. Once after planting a couple of weeks, the second at the very beginning of flowering and the third time at any time as needed.

    • Requires regular weed removal.

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