• Coffee lamp ... Jute lampshade

    Find a wire frame.

    Coffee Lamp Jute Lampshade
    You can give a second life to your shade by removing the fabric from the old product and borrowing the frame, or you can just buy a ready-made wire frame on the Internet. If you chose only one product for your experiments - be extremely careful when removing the old lampshade ... you can use it as a sample. If you start from scratch - you will need a paper pattern. If you want to make a simple lampshade, shaped like a drum - you need to think about what its circumference should be. If it is a lamp with panels - draw one of them on a tracing paper or on a piece of paper, and do this simple process on each side. Basting by joining them together and wrap around the lampshade to see if they fit. Remember that the base for the lampshade must be flexible, otherwise the appearance of your product will be far from perfect.And, of course, strong, so that the miracle you created lasted as long as possible.

    Starting to build

    Coffee lamp Jute lampshade
    Coffee Lamp Jute Lampshade
    Depending on the size of your shade frame, you can make it from one of the sides of the bag, but perhaps you will need both sides, which will allow you to make your masterpiece more voluminous. Put the pre-made blank on canvas fabric and cut your future lamp shade, cut off the excess fabric, leaving about 1/2 of the entire length, on each side. This process should be approached with great care, since a wrongly made pattern can deform all the work done. Start wrapping the fabric around the lampshade. I used glue to attach it to the wire base, and then "sewed" it to the frame, using jute (a thread resembling a sack pattern that I found in the hardware store) and a large needle. I pre-glued the workpiece to avoid skewing the fabric, although if you are confident in your abilities - you can do without it.A low-power light bulb is best suited for your luminaire made of canvas.
    Coffee lamp Jute lampshade
    Coffee lamp Jute lampshade

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