• Colic in a newborn - what to do?

    Many mothers would like to have an ideal remedy for colic in the tummy of her baby. Unfortunately, it has not yet been invented. However, there are many ways to deal with colic in newborns and help your baby cope with unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations. If someone else does not know, then colic is not a disease, but simply the immaturity of the intestine. Therefore, it is not necessary to stuff the child with unnecessary drugs and medications, he can be helped by more harmless and no less effective ways.

    Often, treatment of colic in newborns can be done by improvised means without taking droplets and syrup. It is only on the TV after them that all the problems of the baby pass immediately. In life, everything is not so beautiful. Here we need complex actions.

    To begin with, to help the baby, you need to identify the causes that complicate the maturation of the intestine as well as the formation of enzymes and eliminate them.

    First aid for colic

    • If the baby’s colic began in the evening and it is no longer possible to run to the pharmacy, then you should try to cope without medicines. The easiest method is to hold the baby vertically after feeding.Thus, the excess air in the intestines can quickly go outside and alleviate the suffering of the child. Do not use this method when the baby is sleeping. In order not to wake him up, just turn the crumb on the flank and the air slowly comes out on its own.
    • A good effective way is to lay out a crumb on your tummy. This can be done from about 3 weeks of a baby's life. This position will strengthen the abdominal muscles and stimulate the discharge of gas. Moms are recommended to lay out the baby no earlier than half an hour after feeding. At this time, the baby appears maximum activity. From older age it is good to practice daytime sleep on the tummy.
    • If suddenly it happened that the mother is not around, and the newborn has colic, what to do? Dad can come to the rescue. A great way to avoid tummy problems is skin-to-skin contact. The baby should be completely stripped to the diaper and put on the bare chest and belly of the father. To prevent a child from catching a cold - cover him with a diaper on top. Dad at this time can walk or lie as he will be more comfortable. Body heat will help to cope with colic faster, and father’s voice will calm the baby. After 10-15 minutes you will see for yourself the 100% result.
    • In case it is not possible to make skin contact, apply a warm thick diaper or hot-water bottle to the tummy (just do not overdo it with the temperature). It is also well suited for a warm bath with sage, mint or chamomile. As a variant of the baby, you can simply wear it rocking on your hands.

    Medical assistance

    Dear Moms! Remember that drugs should be used only in the case when all the above measures have not yielded any result. Advertisements are often greatly exaggerating the effectiveness of the action of drugs. It happens that helps the first available, and sometimes no tool is suitable. Colic is a temporary phenomenon. They appear in the baby up to 3 months, less often - up to 5. Therefore, the best medicine for them is time. You just need to grow.

    Mothers find it hard to look at the torment of a baby, they panic and are ready to use any means just to help their child. If you already had to resort to medical treatment, you should know the following drugs and their actions.

    • Preparations based on simethicone (Sub Simplex, Espumizan). Such drugs reduce tension in the intestines of the baby and do not allow air bubbles to form.Such drugs help not all and require the adoption of sufficiently large doses. And this can lead to another problem - constipation. These medicines usually have a fruity taste, which increases the risk of allergies.
    • Homeopathic medicines (Viburcol suppositories, Hell preparations, individually made up by the doctor - homeopathic medicine). Their effectiveness and safety have not been proven anywhere, so they are taken at your own risk. There are children who are well helped by such means, and there are also those whose intensity of colic increases.
    • Teas from colic (Hipp, Grandma's basket). Often, these teas themselves can provoke colic because they contain lactose or sugar. These substances provoke fermentation in the intestines and increase the appearance of gases. The most effective of these teas are chamomile or fennel based tea. Please note that they can not be given from the bottle as this will lead to failure of the breast.

    Tips for moms:

    1. If a child has cramps, first of all review your diet. Definitely you can not eat sweet juices, drinks with gases, legumes, tropical fruits, bread and products that have not undergone heat treatment during the feeding period. The remaining products can be found out only through experimentation.
    2. Mom in no case can not be nervous, screaming or crying when the baby has colic.

    Now that the newborn has colic, what do you already know.

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