• Colored clay face masks

    For oily skin is ideal green clay. It restores the metabolism and disinfects the skin. Perfectly absorbed, it penetrates deep into the skin and cleanses it. Due to the tonic properties of green clay tightens pores. It causes a rush of blood to the skin and stimulates the production of new cells. Your skin is renewed.
    Green clay masks soften the skin, give it elasticity and smoothness, eliminate wrinkles and swelling. To get rid of the oily sheen, use this kind of green clay mask. Mix them 2 tablespoons of green clay, talc and milk, apply to the skin, rinse after 20 minutes. Apply a nourishing cream.
    Blue clay cleans and disinfects the skin. It has the largest amount of mineral salts that are simply necessary for the skin: silica, iron, nitrogen, phosphates. In folk medicine, blue clay is used to combat baldness.
    Blue clay cleansing mask will make your skin more youthful and elastic.Fill the clay with cold water (surely cold, from hot clay loses its properties), stir to such a state that the clay resembled sour cream. Add some olive oil and egg yolk. Apply evenly on face, rinse off after 20 minutes.
    White clay (or as it is also called koalin) is suitable for loose, dull skin. It is rich in silica, zinc and magnesium. These substances "tighten" the skin. White clay is also useful for thin skin. It can be used as a means to strengthen the hair.
    White clay makes excellent “mask-suspenders”. One of the recipes: mix 3 teaspoons of white clay, 3 tablespoons of milk and 1 teaspoon of honey thoroughly. Apply on face, rinse after 15-20.
    Red, gray and yellow clay can rarely be found in its pure form, most often one of the colors is already included in the mask. To choose the right mask, consider the following.
    Red clay removes allergies and redness. It is better to use for sensitive skin.
    Wanting clay rich in iron and potassium, helps to eliminate toxins and nourishes the skin with oxygen.
    Gray clay is ideal for dry and weathered face, it nourishes and tones the skin.

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